Wotsits are a type of cheese puffs sold by the British company Walkers. Wotsits are mainly cheese flavored curly shapes although over the years various other shapes (such as waffle-shaped Wotsits) and flavors have also been sold. There have been several Limited edition flavors and shapes too.

Wotsits packaging often comes with a joke on the back, which normally isn’t funny at all. For example:

Q. What Special software does Harry Potter have on his computer?
A. A Spell Checker.

See what I mean? Cheesy.

In 2000, a variety of Wotsits was launched called “Mealtime Potato Shapes”, which were made from potato and cheese, although they have been discontinued for quite a while now.

Wotsits was previously owned by Golden Wonder; however in 2002 it was sold off to Walkers because of Golden Wonder changing hands. Before Walkers owned Wotsits, they sold a rival known as Cheetos on the UK market.

In February 2007 Wotsits were re-launched in new packaging to coincide with the new usage of Sun-seed oil in their ingredients. Don’t worry though; they still have all the cheesy jokes on the back! Other Walkers brands such as Monster Munch and Quavers also had their packaging changed.

Wotsits are suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.

As found from personal experience, the main disadvantage from eating Wotsits is you get left with orange fingers…