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5 Unusual Facts About Bulldog Ants

Myrmecia are often called bulldog ants, bull ants, inch ants, sergeant ants or jumper ants. Here’s the top five facts about this strange insect, the bulldog ant. If the video above doesn’t load, don’t worry, you can read the facts below!

  1. Australia is home to many unique species of animal, including the small but fearsome Bulldog Ant.
  2. This red, angry-looking variety of ant is one of the largest and most aggressive species of ants on the planet.
  3. They have large mandibles and venomous stings that, in humans, causes intense pain, the worst of any insect sting, that can last for several days.
  4. Though ants typically have limited vision, Bulldog Ants can see and identify targets from about a meter away.
  5. Bizarrely, if the Bulldog Ant is cut in two, the head and the tail will actually fight and seek to kill each other.

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