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With millions of insect species in the world, the possible knowledge to learn about these creatures that inhabit and contribute to our world. Whether you love them or love to stay away from them, these amazing facts about insects WON’T make your skin crawl! And afterwards, you may even appreciate them more.

Why Are There So Many Midges In Scotland?

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Nobody likes midges - they're called pests for a reason! They seem to serve no purpose other than bothering you and leaving you covered in oh so attractive bite marks, especially during the summer. They're especially abundant in Scotland - but did you know there's a reason? Check it out here!

Bees Vs Wasps: The 4 Main Differences

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Bees and wasps are two creatures that are extremely similar, and to the normal eye the differences are hard to see. There are more than 25,000 different kinds of each insect! Here we will discuss the 4 main differences between bees and wasps.

Eight Creepy Facts About Spiders

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Spiders are nature's mysterious eight-legged predators. Their strangeness has attracted many scientists to study them, and more often than not, their research gives some really strange results. So, check out these eight creepy facts that might surprise you about the commonly known arthropod.

Fun Facts About Fireflies

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Fireflies are also known as Lightning Bugs, they are named as they are nocturnal luminous insects of the beetle family Lampyridae, an example of another insect in this family is