Does A Duck’s Quack Echo?

Duck Quacking



Does a ducks quack echo? I read a lot of facts lists and the fact “A duck’s quack doesn’t echo and nobody knows why” seems to appear a lot.

It made me wonder why it doesn’t echo, the only reason I could think to it is that you’ll often find ducks in open spaces, where you can’t hear anything echo.

Anyway, it turns out to be false, yep, a complete myth.

A ducks quack does echo!

Facts About Ducks

Some students at Salford University researched this with help of a duck called Daisy.

They worked out that a duck’s quack does echo, but it is really tricky to hear because of the tone of the quack.

A quack is a sound that fades in and out, this does make an echo but it can easily be mixed in with the original quack being made.

So basically this means it is hard to tell apart one from the other.

If I was a duck, I’d want my echo to be heard by the world!

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