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You have probably seen many people wearing Crocs over the years, including celebrities and models. Perhaps you’ve even owned a pair yourself.

Crocs are popular with people of all ages and are known for their comfort and unconventional style.

Underneath their unusual design is a set of fun facts, revealing how these chunky shoes became so popular. Continue reading to find out more!

Crocs were first released in Florida in 2002. They were marketed as boat shoes and unveiled at the 43rd annual Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, which attracts thousands of visitors.

Only 200 pairs of Crocs were available at first release, and they sold out straight away. Since then, more than 850 million pairs have been sold worldwide.

Crocs are sold in more than 85 countries across almost every region of the globe. These include Argentina, India, Singapore, Turkey, the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

These shoes were named after crocodiles since they adapt easily to different environments. Crocodiles can survive on land and water, which is exactly what Crocs were designed to do. Some people think the top of Crocs looks like the snout of a crocodile!

Scott Seamans first noticed the potential of this shoe – designed by Andrew Reddyhoff from Foam Creations, Inc. – and introduced them to his friends Lyndon “Duke” Hanson and George Boedecker. The three men co-founded Crocs together from a warehouse in Miami.

You might think Crocs are made from pure rubber or plastic, but the material used is called Croslite. This material is primarily made of polyethylene vinyl acetate. Croslite is waterproof, breathable, and can conform to the wearer’s feet.

In 2004, Crocs bought the rights to the material Croslite. It paved the way for the Crocs brand to become exclusively known for this type of material. This unique resin is one of the main reasons Crocs are so comfortable.

Crocs were first marketed to adults but later became available for children. Their practical styles and range of bright colors made them a perfect shoe for younger people.

Some people think that Crocs are among the ugliest shoes in the world, but this opinion certainly isn’t shared universally. According to Crocs, some people think these shoes are the “best thing that has ever happened”!

Crocs are available in various styles to suit many fashion tastes. In addition to the classic version, other designs include heels, wedges, mules, and winter-lined boots.

People love Crocs so much that they celebrate them on National Croc Day, which is marked annually on October 23. This day is also used to celebrate crocodiles!

You probably wouldn’t associate Crocs with a fashion runway, but in 2017, they made their first appearance at Paris Fashion Week. This collaboration with luxury fashion house Balenciaga saw the debut of 4-inch (10-centimeter) platform Crocs.

The partnership between Crocs and Balenciaga generated a new line of shoes that were considerably more expensive. Crocs X Balenciaga boots will set you back $950, while some mules cost $1000+!

Crocs became even more popular in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the world. Due to lockdowns, people spent more time at home and wanted to buy comfortable and sustainable footwear.

These fashion favorites are some of Amazon’s best-selling items of all time. The classic Crocs alone have more than half a million customer reviews.

Arguably, one of Crocs’ most unusual designs was the Kentucky Fried Chicken style. Created for those who wanted to “wear a bucket of chicken,” these Crocs had a fried chicken print and two KFC chicken charms.

Celebrities have been spotted wearing these casual favorites. A-list Croc lovers like Madonna prove that it’s not just everyday people who love these shoes!

Each pair of Crocs has 26 holes (13 in each shoe), which allow them to stay cool and dry. Water can drain out of the holes, and air can get in and out. The holes also make these shoes more lightweight by using less material overall.

In 2006, Crocs paid $10 million to buy Jibbitz, the company that created the fun charms attached to the holes of these shoes.

Jibbitz charms are available in multiple popular designs, including characters from Pokémon, Hello Kitty, Super Mario, and Disney. They allow Croc wearers to show off their hobbies and personalities.

5 people wearing crocs putting their feet together in a circle

Whether or not you’re a fan of these shoes, nobody can deny that Crocs have become a trendy addition to the fashion world.

They are suitable for a beach day, a shopping trip, and even some of the world’s most prestigious fashion shows!

Next time you see a pair of Crocs, you will remember their fascinating rise to fame!

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