10 Impressive Facts About Captain Marvel

10 Impressive Facts About Captain Marvel



Among the female Marvel superheroes, Captain Marvel is arguably the most popular.

Getting her movie in the Marvel cinematic universe in 2019 further increased her popularity.

She’s well known even among people that aren’t big comic fans.

There’s more to Captain Marvel than you’ve seen on your screen. Here are some impressive facts about Captain Marvel that’ll make you love her more.

Captain Marvel debuted in 1967.

Captain Marvel was first introduced in 1967.

Captain America first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes no. 12 in 1967.

However, Carol Danvers wasn’t the star of the show. Instead, she was the love interest of the original Captain Marvel.

As time passed, Carol Danvers got a more significant role and eventually became Captain Marvel.

She got her series as Ms. Marvel in 1977.

Captain Marvel is half Kree.

Captain Marvel is half-Kree.

You may not know that Carol Danvers is half Kree.

Her Kree ancestry doesn’t come from her parents, though; it actually came from the original Captain Marvel.

It all happened during the Psyche-Magnitron explosion.

This Kree-designed machine could bring to life a person’s imagination. It sensed Danver’s jealousy of Mar-Vell’s powers and merged her DNA with his.

That’s how it brought her imagination to life.

Danvers got her extraordinary superhero abilities thanks to this explosion that made her a human-Kree hybrid.

Captain Marvel is also known as Lady Marvel and other aliases.

Skrulls are one of Captain Marvel's enemies.

You may know her as Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers, but she has another lesser-known alias – Vers.

She uses this name while fighting with the select Kree military group called Starforce.

Her other names include Lady Marvel, Binary, Warbird, and Ace.

Vers attracts the enemies during a rescue mission with her Starforce team (Skrulls), leading to her capture.

The Skrulls make their way to Earth, where she manages to escape her captors.

There are many more Captain Marvel characters.

Kamala Khan, a teenage American Muslim from Jersey City, as Ms. Marvel.

When you think of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers or the original Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) probably come to mind.

Interestingly, they’re not the only Captain Marvel characters.

There have been several others, especially women, who have taken on the role of Captain Marvel.

Some notable Captain Marvel characters include Janet Van Dyne, Mahr Vehl, William Mar-Vell, Noh-Varr, Phyla-Vell, Genis-Vell, and Kamala Khan.

Kamala Khan is also the first Muslim character to headline a Marvel comic.

Brie Larson prepared intensely for her role in Captain Marvel

Brie Larson sharing preparing for her role as Captain Marvel.

The 2019 Captain Marvel movie was well received by audiences around the world. Brie Larson’s stellar performance kept audiences glued.

Preparing to play a tough superhero like Captain Marvel was no joke.

Larson spent nine months training for the role. She used this period to prepare her body and mind.

Larson visited the Air Force base to learn about the various fighter jets, where she met the pilots and had the rare opportunity of flying a fighter jet.

Her father didn’t want to send her to college.

Carol Danvers joined the United States Air Force at 18 years old.

Carol Danvers spent her youth dreaming of the vast world beyond the sky. Her goal was to become an astronaut and fly around the infinite universe.

Her dreams were almost squashed when her father decided not to send her to college. Instead, he chose to send her brother.

True to her nature, Carol Danvers didn’t quit.

She finished high school with excellent grades and made her way into the United States Air Force at just 18.

Once again, Carol Danvers excels.

It doesn’t take long for her to rise the ranks to become one of the top air force pilots.

Captain Marvel lost her powers to Rogue.

Rogue had a fight with Captain Marvel which resulted in the former absorbing the latter's powers.

Captain Marvel had a hostile encounter with Rogue on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Rogue absorbed Captain Marvel’s powers and some of her personality.

Thankfully, Professor X helps restore Captain Marvel’s mind.

Captain Marvel has an interesting love life.

Captain Marvel and War Machine had a love affair.

Carol Danvers has had some exciting relationships. Her relationship with James Rhodes (War Machine) is one of the most notable.

As military personnel with superhero responsibilities, they seemed like a perfect fit.

Unfortunately, this romantic relationship didn’t last long. During the battle of Civil War II, Thanos beats up Rhodes.

His unfortunate demise traumatized Danvers.

Captain Marvel was fired from the Daily Bugle.

The Daily Bugle office.

Carol Danvers landed a job as an editor at the Daily Bugle, working specifically on the Woman Magazine.

Danvers and Jonah Jameson didn’t have an easy relationship.

Jameson wanted her to publish shallow content pieces on diet, beauty, and fashion.

On the other hand, Danvers was more interested in tackling important women’s issues.

Eventually, Jameson let Danvers go and replaced her with another editor who complied with his vision.

Captain Marvel is a team player.

The Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel.

Carol Danvers has worked with NASA, Air Force, S.H.I.E.L.D, CIA, X-men, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

On every team, she ensures that she gives her best.


Captain Marvel is a brave and powerful woman with or without her superpowers.

Although she has incredible power, it doesn’t scare her, which is just one more reason why people love her!

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