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Apodyopsis, what is it? What does it mean?

Allow me to explain.

First, I’ll set the scene.

It’s a nice warm summer’s day, and you’re just hanging around in a bar, or in a beer garden, enjoying a lovely and refreshingly cool beer with some good friends of yours.

Cue some smokin’ hot girl or guy walking into said bar or beer garden and sitting somewhere facing you, right in your line of sight.

You take a good look at them, what they’re wearing, and that’s when you start to do it.

Your imagination takes over and their clothes slowly fizzle and melt away, leaving their naked body exposed to your mind’s eye.

You may have done it discreetly, you may have done it brazenly, either way you have just undressed that very person with your eyes in every sense of the term.

And that act itself is Apodyopsis.

Apodyopsis Word Origins

Despite being a word not found in modern dictionaries, Apodyopsis is derived from Ancient Greek.

Although the Greek “apo” has many different meanings as a prefix, the Greek “dy” is used with “apo” in the word “apodyterium”, meaning a room where people would undress.

This word is similar in structure to Apodyopsis, even though the latter half differs.

This latter part of Apodyopsis, “opsis”, relates to vision and sight, one such example in modern language being the word “optics”.

So put all of this together and what we essentially get is the action of undressing a person with your eyes.


Make sure to tell your friends about it and make sure to use it at every opportunity you get so you can get this awesome word the recognition it deserves!

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