Etymology may sound intimidating, but it only has to do with the origin of words. The more you read into it, the more interesting it is to find out where our vocabulary comes from!

We cover everything from bizarre words, to words used on a daily basis. Check it out!

The Surprising Origin of these 5 phrases

5 Common Phrases With Historical Origins

"To paint the town red" comes from an interesting story of an English prankster in the 1800's literally painting the town red!

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Surprising Phrases From Ancient History

5 Phrases & Actions We Use That Come From Ancient Times

In medieval times, knights and nobles would often ride huge warhorses that were specifically bred for fighting and strength.

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The Amazing History of Schadenfreude

The Surprising History of Schadenfreude

Did you know the word Schadenfreude is defined as the “malicious enjoyment of the misfortunes of others”?

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Factoid vs Factlet

Factoid Vs Factlet – What’s The Difference?

A "factoid" is a piece of brief or trivial information or news that is false but presented as a fact.

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Meaning of the Word Apodyopsis

Despite being a word not found in modern dictionaries, Apodyopsis is derived from Ancient Greek.

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