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Etymology may sound intimidating, but it only has to do with the origin of words. The more you read into it, the more interesting it is to find out where our vocabulary comes from!

We cover everything from bizarre words, to words used on a daily basis. Check it out!

5 Common Phrases With Historical Origins

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It’s no surprise that when you delve into the everyday things we say, you’ll find that many of them are steeped in some rather interesting historical origins. So where do some of these common phrases that we say come from? Here are 5 of the most used phrases with fascinating backgrounds!

The Surprising History of Schadenfreude

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Schadenfreude - it's a mouthful, but it's one German word that many people are familiar with. But do you know what it means? Once you find out, it might become a word you use more often because it definitely is useful! Find out what this complicated but functional word means.

Factoid Vs Factlet – What’s The Difference?

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If you're on this site, then you probably love random facts! Maybe you even tell your friends something interesting your learned from one of our lists. If so, there's a correct word to use to refer to a fascinating piece of information, and it may not be what you think!