5 Facts About Wind Chimes

Wind Chime Facts



Wind chimes are a percussion instrument made from dangling tubes, rods or bells that create sounds with the movement of air.

The oldest found by archeologists date back 5,000 years.

Here are 5 awesome facts about them you probably didn’t know.

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Wind chimes have been employed in a number of uses, including warding off spirits, welcoming guests, and producing music.

Though metal is the most common material used for the chimes, shells, pottery, wood, and stone have also been employed.

These tinkling, melodious devices were created by the Ancient Romans and by the Chinese and other Asian people.

Among the more famous uses of wind chimes as musical instruments was their inclusion in certain Beatles songs.

In addition to being beautiful to see and hear, wind chimes have been practically used to warn sailors of shifts in weather patterns.

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