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100 Utterly Amazing Facts You Never Knew

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Facts, simple chunks of information that can make us laugh, rage and despair. Here we’re going to look at 100 utterly amazing facts you never knew about anything and everything, from TV to art, food to royalty; we will cover plenty of topics to satisfy your interests.

  1. There is a punctuation mark called an ‘interrobang’ (or interabang). It is the name given to this symbol ‽ but is often presented as ?!
  2. In 2010, a British man secured a world record after living with poisonous snakes for 121 days… or so he thought. Guinness refused to accredit the man with the title as they no longer have this record in their list. The man lived with snakes for no reason at all.
  3. The largest country in the world is by far the snowy wonder that is Russia. Spanning 6,601,699 square miles, Russia is actually larger than former planet Pluto, which has a land mass of 6,430,000 sq. miles.
  4. The idea of Pokémon evolving is actually based on the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri loved collecting and studying the creatures as a child and based his worldwide hit on the process.
  5. The conventional laughter when written is of course ‘hahaha’ or sometimes ‘jajaja’ but in the East there’s a few less conventional ways of showing your amusement for example in Thailand you’d say ‘5555’ as the number 5 in Thailand is actually pronounced ‘ha’. In Japan they would use ‘www’, no not the web address, which originates from the word for laugh; warai.
  6. The first 3D film created in September 1922, a silent film brought 3D to the masses with The Power of Love, the film even had an alternate ending, decided by closing one eye or another. However, sadly the footage has since been lost.
  7. When famous Batman villain actor Heath Ledger died, he became the number one Google search on the day of his death followed closely by Keith Ledger and an array of other ledger-like queries.
  8. To ‘hang ten’ in surfing, means to have all 10 toes over the edge of the board when riding a wave.
  9. A Pterodactyl existed that was too large to fly, with a wingspan equating to that of a F16 Fighter jet, the creature had to find higher ground to launch itself and glide.
  10. Scientists in the U.S. have managed to concoct an unholy combination of a goat and spider to try and create spider silk, one of the strongest substances on earth, by mixing the pairs genes and excreting the silk out as an extra protein from the goat’s udders.
  11. The term Quarantine is one that is as old as time, segregating the ill or the dangerous to protect the rest of the tribe but where does the phrase come from? The Italian phrase quaranta giorni is said to be the origin of the word quarantine, it means simply 40 days and refers to a time when during the plague ships arriving in Venice were required to stay out at sea for the entire 40 days before docking.
  12. Have you ever been in a pool and had you’re eyes burn from the sheer amount of chlorine in the water around you? I have bad news, the redness and pain isn’t caused by chlorine as such but by the urine, or more scientifically uric acid. Uric acid in pools is caused in around 90% of the cases by swimmers urination reacting with a chemical cyanogen chloride.
  13. Everyone’s favorite mentally disturbed fan from the 2000’s has to be Stan, the fictional Eminem fanatic who is star in one of the rappers biggest hits. Did you know that Stan AKA Devon Sawa was actually the child in the 1995 blockbuster Casper and later in 1999 co-starred with Jessica Alba in the awful comedy horror Idle Hands.
  14. Have you ever yawned and a bit of saliva shoots out of your mouth into the air? So have many apparently, you’re not alone. This process is known as Gleeking and is caused by your salivary glands being randomly stimulated.
  15. The value of Bitcoins have sky rocketed with 1 bitcoin currently equating to around $4,200 (as of September 2017). This fact hit one Jacksonville man quite hard when, in 2010 he paid 10,000 bitcoins, or $25, for someone to deliver him 2 pizzas, this seems like a fair deal but now those 10,000 bitcoins are actually worth $42,189,900 – 2 very expensive pizzas indeed.
  16. In 2015 the Korean Herald revealed a study that found out that the number of fried chicken outlets in Korea stood a whopping 36,000. This figure means the country has almost the same number of these outlets as there are McDonald’s branches across the world.
  17. In the state of Mississippi the driver of a vehicle may consume alcohol as he mans the wheel as long as his blood alcohol level remains below 0.08%, which is the given level across many jurisdictions including the U.K. In most states drivers aren’t even allowed to have a passenger holding an alcoholic beverage.
  18. In 2011, at the 21 annual IG Nobel Prize awards, Japanese scientists secured a place in the history books after winning an award for a $450 fire alarm system for the deaf. The system uses vaporized Wasabi to alert a member of the deaf community of the potential risk.
  19. The 1997 video game Disney’s Math Quest: Aladdin was the only game Robin Williams voiced. He played his unforgettable funny-man The Genie in the game and helped youngsters navigate the wondrous world of math.
  20. The male equivalent of a ballerina is a ballerina.
  21. The only country in the world to begin with a Q is Qatar, the nearest English pronunciation to the local way would be Cutter and the name comes from Qatara referring to Zubara, a town in the country. The only country ending in Q is Iraq.
  22. In 1960 a female cow was killed by a falling chunk of U.S. satellite in Cuba. With the tension at the time between the two countries, this was seen as a way of taking a dig at the U.S. so a cow was paraded through the streets with a sign reading “Eisenhower, you murdered one of my sisters”.
  23. Whenever you approach a door in any outlet across the world, I can almost guarantee you’ll have the ‘is it a push or pull’ moment in which you have a simple choice between success or humiliation. This design is known as a “Norman Door”; a door style that needs directions of use to be displayed.
  24. Fort Knox has an escape tunnel installed in the lower part of the vault. This tunnel is there in case anyone accidentally becomes trapped inside the vault.
  25. A group of pandas is called an embarrassment.

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