Cats are a lazy mans pet, they don’t need walking, bathing or a lot of attention… give them a ball of string and feed them three times a day and you’re done. Cats are better than dogs in my opinion, I don’t really like dogs, they always seem to try to eat my feet!

Before we start, if you scared of cats you have Ailurophobia, but honestly, there’s nothing scary about a cat.

Anyway, here are a few facts you probably didn’t know about cats… if you did know, then you’re very intelligent and should consider being a vet.

Surprisingly, a baby cat is called a kitten. They are born with blue eyes although some cats’ eyes change colour when they reach twelve weeks of age. A cats nose is like a humans finger print, its nose print is unique. I can’t see why you would need to take a cat’s nose print though… it’s not like a cat would commit a crime and stick its nose to everything :)

Cats are pretty amazing at jumping; they can jump up to seven times higher than the length of their tail.

A cat uses it’s whiskers to tell if the space they are entering is big enough for the rest of their body to fit through. The whiskers are the same length as the cats’ body width, so if their whiskers don’t fit through a gap, then they know their body wont. If you cut cats whiskers short, there’s a high chance it’ll get stuck in a gap.

Sir Isaac Newton is the inventor of the cat flap/door.

Cats rub their heads up against people and other objects; they do this because it is a way of putting their scent on them… also known as ‘leaving a mark’ or ‘tagging’. Just like gangs would add their tag to a certain location to claim it as their territory.

One thing I wondered about cats is that they always land on their feet when jumping or if they fall from somewhere. And toast always lands butter side down… so, what if you strap some toast (butter side up) to a cats back? Would the cat land on its feet, or would the toast land butter side down? Or would it land on its side? If somebody has a cat and is willing to experiment, then you obviously have no life :)