Shash Wighton

Shash Wighton

Shash is an avid traveler and enjoyer of all good things life can throw his way. These days you'll find him teaching English and writing, while running his own campervan business.

Facts about Missouri

15 Marvelous Facts About Missouri

Missouri joined the USA on August 10, 1821, inhabited for over 10,000 years; the state has a rich past. Missouri suffered a lot during the Civil War but is now one of the best places to live and visit in the US. Here are 15 marvelous facts about Missouri that you should know.

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Facts About The Number 7

10 Superb Facts About The Number 7

The number 7 can be linked to many areas of the world around us, including numerology, superstition, important holidays, and much more. While the number 7 may be a small number, it's also a pretty fascinating one! We've dug deep to find ten fun and interesting facts about the number 7.

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Facts about Mississippi

15 Interesting Facts About Mississippi

Mississippi was the 20th state to join the United States of America on December 10, 1817. This southern state has a deep, rich history going back some 10,000 years. Did you know at one point the state was the fifth richest? Find out more with these 15 interesting facts about Mississippi.

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Facts about the number 8

10 Fun Facts About The Number 8

The number 8 can be found in all areas of the world around us including, numerology, mathematics, superstition, hobbies, astronomy, and so much more. Did you know that 8 is the luckiest number in Chinese culture? Find out more with these ten fun facts about the number 8.

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13 German Shepherd Facts

13 Jolly Facts About German Shepherds

German Shepherds are a very popular breed of dog. They are one of the most intelligent dogs but are a relatively new breed, having only been around since the 19th Century. If you're a lover of this breed or dogs in general, you'll love these 13 German Shepherd facts.

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Minnesota Facts

15 Magnificent Facts About Minnesota

Minnesota was the 32nd state to join the United States of America on May 11, 1858. The state is the 12th largest and has a long past stretching back over 11,000 years. Let's unravel Minnesota's story with these 15 incredible facts all about it.

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Facts about Michigan

15 Fun & Interesting Facts About Michigan

Michigan became the 26th state to join the United States of America on January 26, 1837. Having been inhabited for more than 13,000 years, this state has a rich history. Learn how incredible the state of Michigan is with these 15 fascinating, detailed facts all about it.

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Number 11 Facts

11 Fun Facts About The Number 11

The number 11 can be attributed to many areas in life around us, including numerology, superstition, historical dates, and more. Discover why the number 11 is significant with these eleven incredibly fascinating facts about the number 11.

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10 Facts About Potatoes

10 Profound Facts About Potatoes

Potatoes are a popular root vegetable that humans have cultivated for over 7,000 years. The humble potato has helped build entire empires as they are a reliable and easy crop to grow. Here are ten profound facts all about potatoes.

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100 Video Game Facts

100 Interesting Facts About Your Favorite Video Games

Video games bring great pleasure and joy to millions of people all over the world. There are many different consoles and games that cover an array of genres for all ages and abilities. We've put together an ultimate list of 100 interesting facts about your all-time favorite video games.

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Why do we eat candy at Halloween?

Why Do We Eat Candy On Halloween?

The use of candy is incredibly common during Halloween. The evidence can be seen by children's overflowing candy buckets while going out "Trick or Treating." But when did this tradition begin, and why?

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Facts about Masachussetts

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Massachusetts

Massachusetts joined the United States on February 6, 1788. This state has changed hands many times since being Inhabited by Paleo-Indians thousands of years ago. It may only be the 44th largest state but is packed with a rich story. Here are 15 fun facts.

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