Twenty-Seven Facts About the Number 27

The number 27 is often regarded as a mythical, mysterious and quite important number across the span of time, from the Romans to the biblical age. Here we’re going to go through twenty-seven astounding facts about this fascinating number from world records to birth of inventions!

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6 LOST Facts That Will Make Any Fans’ Heart Sink

LOST may be over, but it's not forgotten. Even after all this time since the show ended, LOST fans are still figuring things out and re-watching to uncover something else they didn't know. Today we'll look at 6 facts about LOST that will bring a tear to the eyes of any LOSTie. So get a box of tissues, read and weep.

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40 Facts About Aaron Carpenter

Aaron Carpenter made a name for himself by posting funny & interesting videos on popular social networking site Vine. He is a popular member of Magcon and has a crazy amount of fans! Here's forty fun & interesting facts you need to know about Aaron Carpenter.

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What We Know About Virtual Reality

If you've not heard about Virtual Reality yet, you will very soon. It's the future of gaming, teaching, training & so much more. Here's an in-depth history of Virtual Reality & what the future holds for this fascinating technology.

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100 Cute Facts About Cats & Kittens

They're cute, soft and one of the most popular pets in the world. They may be quiet and fond of their alone time, but there is much more to felines than meets the eye. If you love your cat or you're a cat person, you'll love these 100 adorable facts about cats & kittens!

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Facts About the Color Brown

The color brown is a dull and often ignored color. It looks like your aunts age old curtains and it’s not a very eye-catching color. From a different perspective, however, brown is a very pleasant color, it resembles history, culture and chocolate. Here's a short list of facts you might not know about the color brown.

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20 Facts About Kylo Ren | Star Wars

He's the villain of the hotly-anticipated 2015 Star Wars movie, but what do we actually know about Kylo Ren? Check out these top twenty interesting facts! Impress your friends with your new-found knowledge after reading these facts!

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May | Special Days of the Year

May is a pretty unique month as during any given year no other month will start and end with the same days that May does. May sure holds some real gems in the special calendar, including one of my personal favorites – Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day!

The Film Industry’s Insurance Risks in Numbers InfoGraphic

Even at the best of times making movies is an extremely challenging endeavour. Movies are an expensive business. Props, sets, travel & actors' fees can cost millions. But what if disaster strikes and a high profile star is injured or even killed on set?

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