• Crazy Teeth Facts

10 Crazy Facts About Your Teeth

Teeth are used on a daily basis, often without us even realizing or recognizing the fact. From opening up difficult packages, to chomping down on various foods, our teeth are a multipurpose tool that have been available to us since our infancy.

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  • Nintendo Wii U Console

Interesting Facts About Nintendo’s Wii U

Nintendo has been developing games consoles for over two decades now, from the beloved N64 & Game Boy, to the Wii U – released back in 2012. While the original Wii consoles were not as impressive when compared to the Xbox or

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  • Little Mix Facts 2015
  • Little Mix 2014

50 Facts About Little Mix

Little Mix – a group of four talented British girls with big voices – stormed into the musical world in 2011, if you’re a fan of Little Mix, check out the most interesting 50 facts about the group & members!

Little Mix consists

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  • The Sistine Chapel
  • Outside The Sistine Chapel

25 Fascinating Facts About The Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is one of Rome’s most popular and prized historic sites. Set within the Vatican City and Museums, it welcomes around 25,000 visitors a day. The world-famous ceiling frescoes by Michelangelo are of course the main attraction, forming a masterpiece

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  • Call of Duty - Ray Gun Facts
  • CoD Ray Gun Screenshot

Call of Duty: Ray Gun Facts

So anybody out there who loves sci-fi probably loves ray-guns. And if you also love the Call of Duty franchise then you must definitely be a mega-fan of Treyarch’s Ray Gun. So without further adieu, here are some cool bits of trivia

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  • Adventure Time Facts

Facts About Adventure Time

‘What time is it?’ I hear you cry, (well, not really, but bear with me) it’s Adventure Time!

One of Cartoon Network’s undeniable successes, created by Pendleton Ward; Adventure Time has become loved by children, and slightly obsessed over by grown ups. From

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  • Comic Sans Font Facts

12 Facts About Comic Sans – The World’s Most Hated Font

Comic Sans, one of the worlds most (in)famous fonts. It really is a Marmite-esque thing, you either love it or you hate it. Me, personally, I don’t mind it. But what about you? Love it? Hate it? Regardless of your stance, here’s

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