Most Expensive Cowboy Boots Ever Sold

These days, you can pick up a pair of high quality cowboy boots for around £250-£350, and it would be money well spent, but what’s the maximum you’d spend? Personally, I would spend a maximum of £500 (if I was rich) but

30 Facts About The Planet Earth

Day by day we live our lives, marked by the rotation of our planet giving us our beautiful sunrises and sunsets. But have you ever wondered about the planet we live on, the Earth? Have you ever wondered what it’s made of?

10 Crazy Facts About Valentine’s Day

14th February is upon us, so today we are sharing the love with these ten crazy facts about the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. If the video doesn’t load, you can read the facts below! <3

Ikea Australia gave away

Cards Against Humanity Against Black Friday

Card games have been around for centuries, but what makes Cards Against Humanity so incredibly different? Check out the facts below about this amazing party game.

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. The more twisted and sick the players

What’s Inside the World’s 5 Toughest Safes

Ask anybody who runs a small business, they’ll tell you the importance of a top notch security system. High on the list will be a sturdy office safe.

Of course, some office safes are sturdier than others- and some are so impenetrable that

Facts About Space Invaders

I’m sure we still remember Mario, Pac-Man and well, Lara Croft but if our memory is verging on the iconic mascot, chances are a Space Invaders comes immediately to mind. Developed by Tomohiro Nishikado, as a Japanese arcade game in 1978, the