10 Fascinating Facts About Pineapples

Who doesn’t love the taste of pineapples? They’re definitely one of the most unusual looking tropical fruits, but what facts do you know about them? Check out these top ten fascinating pineapple facts!

Originally, ‘pineapple’ was a name used for pine cones, the

Melissa Rauch Facts | The Big Bang Theory

Every The Big Bang Theory fan, avid or otherwise, will know who the feisty but sweet microbiologist Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz is, but there’s much more to actress Melissa Rauch’s life than simply Big Bang. A girl born in Jersey, she quickly discovered she

20 Interesting Facts About the Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64, or N64 as it’s vastly known, was a ground-breaking console in many respects. A truly revolutionary console that held many firsts and lasts of modern gaming. A console that helped shape gaming as it is today. So there will

50 Facts About Taylor Swift

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, the award-winning, beautiful, talented American singer-songwriter, then you’re going to love to know these fun facts!

Her full name is Taylor Alison Swift.
She was born on 13th December 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania.
Taylor spent her early years

Most Expensive Cowboy Boots Ever Sold

These days, you can pick up a pair of high quality cowboy boots for around £250-£350, and it would be money well spent, but what’s the maximum you’d spend? Personally, I would spend a maximum of £500 (if I was rich) but

30 Facts About The Planet Earth

Day by day we live our lives, marked by the rotation of our planet giving us our beautiful sunrises and sunsets. But have you ever wondered about the planet we live on, the Earth? Have you ever wondered what it’s made of?