Swimming Pool Trivia InfoGraphic

Written by: Luke Ward
Reading time: 3 mins
Last updated: March 17, 2021

Did you know that the sun evaporates 13 million gallons of water per hour from all swimming pools in the US?

Swimming Pool Trivia

Pools are a staple of the best summer memories! If you don’t have one, you want one. And if you have one, no doubt you will be a fan favorite among your friends.

There’s nothing like taking a jump in a pool on a hot day! But behind the scenes, it may be more costly than you think.

Is it worth it for you to invest in a pool? Or it is it most costly than it’s worth? For some, it may be better to stick to a public pool.

Today we bring you an informative picture about the facts of swimming pools, including what the cost of filling up and running swimming pools.

Swimming Pool Trivia

Swimming Pool Trivia Infographic

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