Stop Yourself From Crying When Chopping Onions

Chopping Onions Makes You Cry



What is the best way to stop you from crying when chopping an onion?

Well there are many strange theories, which to me make absolutely no sense at all, for example lighting scented candles near the chopping board, or biting on a wooden spoon!?

Well I can kind of see the candle idea working a bit, because it would cover up the onion gas, but the spoon idea?

Anyone know the logics behind that?

I could understand if it was a slice of bread or something, because it would like soak up the fumes.

Other ways suggest once it is peeled you need to put it in cold water for a while then chop it, or chop it under running water.

Also refrigerating it for half hour or so is supposed to help.

Chewing gum is another way of reducing the risk of crying, although personally I think the best way is to simply wear goggles; you might look like a bit of an idiot wearing goggles in a kitchen though.

Alternatively you could listen to this guy in the yellow hat…

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