30 Splendid Facts About Spinach

Thanks to Popeye the Sailor Man, we know spinach is a great source of nutrition that keeps us strong! But there’s so many more health benefits to it that you probably are unaware of. Additionally, we’ll tell you the best way to consume spinach so you get the most out of this superfood!

10 Funky Facts About Brussels Sprouts

While not everyone may love Brussels sprouts, did you know there's actually a scientific reason as to why that is? Even if you're among those who can't stand the sight, smell, or taste of Brussels sprouts, there's a surprising amount of benefits to eating these little green globes!

10 Foods That Help To Kill Heartburn

While heartburn isn't worth a trip to the hospital, it can still be painful enough to ruin your day. It's not always easy to avoid, and sometimes it just creeps up on us! But next time it happens to you, stop the symptoms by consuming these simple foods.

The World’s Most Poisonous Foods

We usually focus on the fat content or the sugar levels of foods we eat, and not whether consumption will harm or kill us. There are however plenty of foods that will do just that, from simply giving you stomach problems to being fatal. Here we’re going to look at 5 of the world’s most deadly foods!

Fifteen Fun Facts About Cucumbers

Is there anything more refreshing on a summer’s day than cucumber cocktails? The salad staple seems to accompany almost every meal in restaurants but what’s so special about the cucumber? Check out these fifteen fun facts!

25 Interesting Facts About Peas

“I eat my peas with honey, I have done all my life, It makes the peas tastes funny, But it sticks them to the knife!” Find out more facts about the pea now. The Latin name for the pea is pisum sativum. The pea is thought to have originated from Middle Asia. The oldest pea […]

10 Fast Facts About Pumpkins To Prepare You for Halloween

Carving pumpkins is an iconic tradition when it comes to Halloween, but what facts do you know about pumpkins? Well here we have 10 fast facts about pumpkins to prepare you for Halloween!

Top 100 Random Food Facts

Here we have a fantastic list of the top 100 random food facts, from fruit & veg, to chocolate and candy. If you love your food, these facts will satisfy your appetite!

Does Eating Carrots Really Improve Your Eyesight?

There are many myths parents use every day to get their children to eat healthier, you may have heard: ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, ‘spinach will make you strong like Popeye’ and ‘eating carrots helps you see in the dark’. I always used to think that my rabbit had night vision eyes… […]

Stop Yourself From Crying When Chopping Onions

What is the best way to stop you from crying when chopping an onion? Well there are many strange theories, which to me make absolutely no sense at all, for example lighting scented candles near the chopping board, or biting on a wooden spoon!? Well I can kind of see the candle idea working a […]

A Baked Bean A Day Will Keep Death Away!

Baked beans, those small orange lumps in tomato ketchup, are they as healthy as they look? Well I can tell you they’re healthier than they look! Actually they don’t look that healthy, but they are. The average British person eats more than seven kilograms of beans every year, not all in one go, but how […]