Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day | December 8

Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day



One of my absolute favorite holidays has to be December 8th – Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day!

Although nobody really seems to know who created this holiday, we do know that it dates back to 2007.

To celebrate it properly, you have to dress up in your time traveler costume and wear it all day.

The only rule? You can’t tell anyone you’re a time traveler – that’s for other people to see!

So, how exactly does one convincingly celebrate this holiday?

Choose your time period.

Someone wearing a futuristic costume with cool looking big circular googles and off-white/cool blue hair

When it comes to choosing your time period, the big question is whether you’re going to go for the future or the past.

There’s a solid argument to be made for sticking on some of your grandpa’s dusty old hand-me-downs, walking into a café, confusedly asking the waitress what the date is, and then ecstatically yelling “It worked! I did it! By love I did it!” whilst jumping up and down before running out onto the street to yell at everyone that it worked!

Then again you could get your hot glue gun out, get yourself some dazzling LED lights and hot glue them shiny mothers onto your most cyberpunk neon jacket.

Then walk around all day being a high-tech cyborg from the year 2849.

The potential and possibilities are endless!

Get your friends involved.

A group of friends wearing period costumes

Why don’t you get a group of your friends all together, dress up in some matching period clothes, and walk around town confusing everyone you come across.

You could dress up as a bunch of dusty old prospectors walking around asking if there’s any gold out this way!

And if you want to take the whole “pretending to be a time traveler” vibe to a whole ‘nother level then your group could dress up as a bunch of Doctor Who’s!

How to confuse people.

Someone wearing a full metal Medieval knight outfit

Some of the best ways to mess with people and properly celebrate this day will come down to technology.

Dress up as a medieval knight, and then spend your day running halfway across the road before running back to the curb and proclaiming that you’re terrified of the iron horses.

Or if you want to take it in the opposite direction, you can ask a bartender to pour you and your mate a couple of glasses of blue milk.

Do not forget that if you’re going to go futuristic you need to have crazy-good costume to back it up.

You can’t just sit there on the bus in your plain clothes scoffing at people on their iPhones because wireless mind-to-mind communication hasn’t been invented yet…

That’s just normal bus weirdo behavior regardless of what day of the year it is.


However you want to do it, just make sure you do it in style – whether that’s the style of the roaring 1920s, or the galactic-chic of the 2200s!

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