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Facts About Outnumbered



Outnumbered is a British sitcom on BBC One. The show stars Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner.

If you love the series, check out these facts!

Outnumbered is a BBC sitcom launched in 2007.

There have been four seasons of the show to date and multiple specials, such as Christmas and Sports Relief.

It features the ‘nuclear’ family; two adults, and three children.

The show is set around the fictional Brockman family, who live in South London.

The Brockman family live at 19 Keeley Road.

Pete Brockman, the father figure, is a history teacher. He is played by comedian Hugh Dennis.

Sue, the mother, is often between jobs as a Personal Assistant. She is played by actress Claire Skinner.

The eldest child is Jake, a music and girl loving teenager. He is played by Tyger Drew-Honey.

Ben is the middle child. He is a hyperactive nuisance. Daniel Roche plays him.

Karen is the youngest and the most inquisitive. Ramona Marquez plays her.

Sue’s father, Frank (played by David Ryall) is suffering from dementia. He once burnt down his kitchen.

Angela (Samantha Bond) is Sue’s attention loving sister. Angela moved to America in season one.

Sandra (Rosalind Ayres) is Pete’s mother. She has a gambling addiction in season three.

Pete once found his job in the balance after making jokes about child obesity and Ramadan. He still hasn’t learnt from his mistakes.

Sue had a hellish boss called Veronica. She resigned from this job at the end of season one.

Jake was bullied when he was 11. His phone was stolen from him.

Ben has a fascination with power tools. He once tried to take an electric drill to show and tell.

Karen celebrated a birthday in season one. She decided to question her grandfather about getting old.

Pete once tried to become Head of History. However, he couldn’t think of nine reasons to get the job.

Sue worked for a man called Tyson. She was devastated when she learnt he was a fraud.

Jake had a crush on a girl named Jo. When he failed to lie for her, their friendship disintegrated.

Ben drank his first double espresso, with four sugars in an airport. He felt ‘zingy, zangy, zongy’ afterwards.

Karen held a funeral for a mouse. She gave it cheese and bread, which could be cheese-on-toast if it went to hell.

Pete made the mistake of kissing another woman. This jeopardised his relationship with Sue.

Sue often tries to teach Karen about right and wrong. This backfired when she pretended to be disabled to use a toilet in Central London.

Jake had a crush on university student and waitress, Kelly. He lied about his age to her when she babysat for Ben.

Ben climbed the ‘Mt. Everest’ staircase backwards, without a jumper. He considered himself to be the next Bear Grylls.

Karen was involved in a car accident. She unnerved the nurse by asking who she should sue, should her injection go wrong.

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