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Surprising Facts about Monaco



Nestled along the beautiful French Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea, Monte-Carlo is dazzling everyone with its elegance and luxury.

Along with France and its unique charm, Monaco is a top destination for celebrities, superstars and rich people.

The Colorful History of Monaco

The Colorful History of Monaco

The story of Monte Carlo begins with Grimaldi dynasty which has presided there for more than 700 years since the 12th Century.

After the Second World War in 1949, the throne was taken over by Prince Rainier III, who was married to the famous Hollywood star, Grace Kelly.

After the death of Rainer III, his son Albert II became the head of the house until now.

Monaco in Modern Times

Monaco in Modern Times

Today, Monte-Carlo is definitely worth visiting because of its deep and rich history.

The old town of Monaco, also known as Monaco – Ville, is a historic and touristic place because there are many attractions.

One of them is the well-known Prince’s Palace – the residence of royal family Grimaldi, built in 1215.

There are still members of the ruling dynasty today. The combination of 13th Century architecture with different new styles during the centuries has resulted in a pure eclectic.

There are many galleries, a room with a throne, Blue Room, Napoleonic Souvenirs, glamorous frescoes and chandeliers.

Today, Monte-Carlo has evolved into a pure wanderlust-inducing destination that fascinates thousands of tourists.

Although Monte Carlo is located in the second smallest country in the world, it still offers tons of opportunities for travelers, architecture lovers and extravagancy admirers.

Sports Entertainment on a Whole New Level

Sports Entertainment on a Whole New Level

Formula 1 enthusiasts can have a lot of fun and entertain themselves here in this beautiful city.

If you’re an Aussie who’s constantly exploring bookies to place bets on F1 and watch races, attending Monaco’s yearly Grand Prix is a must!

Existing since 1929, Formula 1 is one of the most esteemed races in the world.

The first race was organized on April 14, 1927, and only people who were invited could attend the race.

The winner was William Grover-Williams who drove a Bugatti type 35B.

Notable Winners of Formula 1

Notable Winners of Formula 1

The Grand Prix was ruled by famous racer Graham Hill who won five times in Monaco, which is why he was called Mr. Monaco.

In 1994, the legendary Michael Schumacher won the 78-lap race in Monaco with his Benetton-Ford. This became his fourth victory.

Unique Points of Interest

Unique Points of Interest

In 1910, the Oceanographic Museum was founded by Prince Albert I, and now it is one of the most powerful places of interest in Europe.

It was designed by Paul Delefortrie. Inspired by sea life, he has created an exclusive building with marine themes and mosaic floors.

There is a wide selection of more than 100 tanks and aquariums in the museum. This ranges from jellyfish and tropical fish, to sharks.

Limited Access Makes for an Adventure to Get There

Limited Access Makes for an Adventure to Get There

Monte Carlo might be very charming, and one of the richest places in Europe, but it is not possible for travelers to come by plane.

It is one of the 6 countries in the world that doesn’t have an airport because of the small area of only 2,020 km².

However, helicopter services can be provided from the Monaco Heliport from the nearest airport located in Nice.

A Royal Wedding – A Treat for Everyone!

A Royal Wedding – A Treat for Everyone!

In April 1955, the supermodel and one of the most popular actresses at that time, Grace Kelly, met Prince Rainier III during a photo session. A year later, they got married!

The wedding was very popular, and it was watched by almost 30 million people on TV.

When their first son was born, the day after was announced as a national holiday where everyone in the principality was treated with free champagne.

After the death of Grace Kelly, her husband came up with the idea of a garden to be created in memory of his wife.

The 5,000 m² garden was officially opened in 1984, located in a tranquil area, and it is the most popular garden in Monaco.

There are 315 species of roses, which is why the garden is called Princess Grace Rose Garden.

Prince Rainer III was a car admirer, and in the Fontvieille district of Monaco, there can be discovered approximately 100 classic cars in his garage.

The collection also includes the famous Bugatti Type 35 alongside the extravagant Maserati, Jaguar, Rolls Royce and more.


Even though Monaco may be a tiny country, it still somehow manages to cater to people and travelers of all interests along with having a rich history.

And of course, no visit to Monaco is complete without visiting Monte Carlo!

So if we haven’t convinced you to start packing your bags yet – what are you waiting for?

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