What’s in a name? A lot, apparently. Especially when we’re talking about food.

Don’t believe us? Would you pick Patagonian Toothfish over Chilean Sea Bass? Would you ever tuck into a lunch of locusts?

How would you feel about Sky Prawn Sandwich? Would you pay more “jam”, or “fruit preserve”?

The fact is that the name of a food – that is, the way it’s described – plays a huge part in how much we want to eat it, and what we’re willing to pay for it.

It makes sense that food producers, manufacturers, and marketers would take advantage of this, and ensure they name foods to make them sound as appetising – and premium – as possible.

The infographic below details nine foods that were renamed to make them more appealing to consumers – whether that’s to boost sales and command a higher price or shake off a poor reputation.

Foods That Have Been Renamed To Get You To Buy Them