10 Facts About the Frustrating Flappy Bird Game

Written by: Jack De Graaf
Reading time: 1 min
Last updated: March 17, 2021

Remember Flappy Bird? Well did you know that the game only took two days to make?

Flappy Bird: Top 10 Facts

Flappy Bird, a game that mixes incredibly simplistic and equally challenging gameplay, Flappy Bird is nothing if not harsh and addictive.

As a player myself, my advice to those of you who have not yet tried it: Don’t… Just don’t…

It was designed by a Vietnamese game-creator called Dong Nguyen.

Flappy Bird has as many reviews on the App Store as Gmail does (47,000).

Although only recently becoming a major phenomenon, Flappy Bird was first made and released in May 2013!

On the App Store, Flappy Bird has been the number one downloaded free app in 107 countries for iPhone and 100 countries for iPad.

Flappy Bird only took two days to make!

Due to Flappy Bird’s huge success, many similar games (like Ironpants) are being released that features nothing but a punishing difficulty level and extremely simplistic gameplay.

The country where Flappy Bird is ranked the lowest in the App Store is the West African state Guinea-Bissau, where it is only ranked number 683.

The ads at the top of the screen are the only thing grossing any profit on the game. Due to the large amount of Flappy Bird players, those ads gross approximately $50,000 a day!

It has been downloaded 50 million times.

The game’s creator admitted the game was inspired by Super Mario Bros, and that the titular Flappy Bird is inspired by Cheep Cheep, the fish Mario meets when he swims underwater.

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