Swimming with dolphins is a dream which many people have around the world, but before you do, you should know some facts about dolphins.

  1. An average sized dolphin can easily jump up to 20 feet above the water surface.
  2. Despite what many think, dolphins are not an endangered species.
  3. The brain of a dolphin is bigger than the brain of a monkey.
  4. A dolphin has 100 teeth in total.
  5. The largest dolphin in the world is known by the name Boto.
  6. Dolphins have the capacity to eat around 30 pounds of fish in a single day.
  7. A baby dolphin is usually allowed to stay with its mother for around two to three years.
  8. The normal lifespan of a dolphin is around 50 years.
  9. Dolphins don’t have any senses for smell!
  10. They can see clearly in both below and above the water.
  11. Dolphins can actually sleep with only one side of their brain, keeping the other side active. This also means they can sleep with one eye open!
  12. The dolphins have remarkable hearing capabilities which also help them in catching their prey.
  13. They love to eat small fishes and squids.
  14. Dolphins can interact with humans on great levels. Many people believe that they can understand every gesture that we make.
  15. A dolphin has the capability to hold its breath for around thirty minutes.
  16. They can swim up to the speed of forty miles an hour!
  17. Dolphins are mammals, just like human beings, but they are referred to as cetaceans.
  18. Some dolphins do not have a dorsal fin on their back.
  19. The oceanic dolphins are also called “true dolphins”.
  20. Every dolphin has its unique whistle which is also a point of identification for them.
  21. Albino dolphins are pink, with red eyes!