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Pulling over a thousand votes on an online poll, Charizard won the title of the most popular Pokémon. And what’s not to love?

Charizard is strong, loyal, breathes fire, and looks like a dragon!

If you think you’re a Charizard expert, you’re in for a surprise. Here are some hot facts about the Charizard you’ve probably never heard before.

Charizard is one of the few Pokémon to experience mega evolution and is lucky to have two mega-evolved forms, X and Y. The only other Pokémon with two mega-evolved forms is Mewtwo.

There are real-life Charizard bees. They don’t spit fire, but they do have a familiar orange hue. Chilean scientist Spencer K. Monckton, a huge Pokémon fan, named the new species Chilicola charizard.

Charizard is known for its incredible strength and abilities, but it’s honorable too. It won’t take on weaker opponents, irrespective of Ash’s orders, even if it costs them the fight.

Although this fire-breathing Pokémon is known to nearly everyone as Charizard, it has a few other names. In Japanese, it’s called リザードン (Lizardon); in German, it’s known as Glurak; and in French, it’s called Dracaufeu.

The first-generation Charizard (found in Pokémon Red and Blue) originally couldn’t fly. The developers corrected this in Pokémon Yellow, so you can still see a flying Charizard in the original games.

Charizard’s pre-evolved form Charmander has a delicate flame at the tip of its tail. This design references the myth that salamanders are born in fire. The legend also inspires its name, a portmanteau of “char” and “salamander.”

Creating unique Pokémon sounds for the original game was challenging, as the sound chip had a limited range. You could easily mistake the Rhyhorn cry for the Charizard in the early games. They remixed the audio from the sixth-generation games onward to give Charizard a different sound.

Ash Ketchum‘s Charizard has used more regular moves than any other Pokémon in the cartoon series.

Different actors have voiced the various stages of Ash’s Charizard’s evolution. Michael Haigney began by voicing Charmander. When it evolved to Charmeleon, Eric Stuart took over the role. Lastly, Shin-ichiro Miki was the voice of Charizard.

Charizard belongs to the family of flame-type Pokémon along with Moltres, Flareon, and Infernape.

Typhlosion and Charizard share identical base stats. They’re also from neighboring regions, Kanto and Johto.

While Charizard is a fan favorite, to get one in the original games, you had to start the game with Charmander – the weakest of the original starter Pokémon.

The show doesn’t say what gender Ash’s Charizard is. Many assume it’s male because of its romance with Charla, a female Charizard, in Great Bowls of Fire, but this was never confirmed.

Of Ash’s three starter Pokémon, his Charmander was the first to reach its final evolution. This presented unique challenges as Charizard refused to follow some of Ash’s commands.

Charizard is the only Pokémon not found in the Alola Pokédex that can be a Ride Pokémon.

Collecting Pokémon cards is serious business. Original Pokémon cards are valuable and can for anything between a few hundred dollars to several thousand. For example, a 1999 Charizard Pokémon card sold for $420,000, the highest price ever recorded.

Charizard flying

So there you have it, folks! Charizard, the beloved fire-breathing Pokémon, has much more to it than meets the eye.

From mega-evolutions to real-life bees named after it, Charizard continues to captivate fans with its strength, loyalty, and unique features.

Want to show off your Pokémon knowledge to your friends? Now you’ve got 16 new facts about Charizard that are sure to impress even the most fanatic of Pokémon fans!

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