The Lisa was a personal computer developed by the company Apple in the early 1980’s. Due to the fact that only a limited number of copies were sold and the upgrades that were released for this machine, if you own an original in good working order, you could be sat on a small fortune!

These computers are still very popular among collectors due to their value. So below are a number of interesting facts about one of the most important computers in history.

  1. The Apple Lisa was released in June 1983.
  2. The official meaning of the name “Lisa” was that it stood for “Logical Integrated Software Architecture”. Lisa was also the name of Apple’s co-founder Steve Job’s daughter.
  3. The Lisa was the first commercial computer with a graphical user interface (GUI) and a mouse. Before Lisa, all computers were text-based, meaning you had to type out commands from a keyboard.
  4. A very common misconception is that Apple invented the first ever computer to use a GUI. This however is not the case. The company Xerox had one of their computers using a GUI back in 1973.
  5. The price of this Apple was a staggering $9,995 USD!
  6. It had a 5Mhz Motorola Central Processing Unit, or CPU as it is commonly known as. (This article is currently being wrote in a 4.1Ghz Quad core processor!)
  7. Had 1Mb RAM. (This computer has 8Gb!)
  8. Apple spent four years, and spent more than $50 Million developing Lisa!
  9. The apple Lisa turned out to be an unpopular system due to its high price, how slow it ran, and the limited number of applications that were written for it.
  10. The Lisa was discontinued after two years due to poor sales of only 100,000 units. By this time there was already another Apple product on the market, which had sold 70,000 units within the first three months on the market.