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Apple has revolutionized smartphone technology over the years, and only continues to expand. With its inspirational beginnings starting from a garage to the multinational company that it is today, the journey has been incredible. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to learn about with these Apple facts!

Goodbye Gun Emoji, Hello Water Pistol!

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With the latest release of iOS 10, many of us are excited about the new features, but there's one question on everyone's mind... what happened to the gun emoji? And why is there now a water pistol? Read on for the facts, and the birth of the water pistol emoji.

“Tell Me Some Facts About Siri”

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Siri, another technological advancement that has made our lives drastically easier... or at least, it's designed to. As per all apparent leaps in technology we use them for the menial and the most nonsensical things we can think of, who hasn't asked Siri to tell them a joke or that you love them?

Facts About Apple iPad 2

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The Apple iPad 2 made with smaller components in order for everything necessary to fit in the new iPad. You will be pleased with the new additions to the Apple