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50 Fun Facts About Becky G

American-Latin rapper and pop-star Becky G has taken the world by storm since her discovery in 2011. She’s worked with some of the biggest artists in the pop-music including Will.I.Am, J-Lo, and Pitbull. She’s also been the opening acts for some huge mega-stars like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. And she’s even had a whirlwind romance with singer Austin Mahone! Its fair to say that Becky G’s rise to fame sure has been a rocket ride. Here are 50 facts about Becky G, her successes and her life before fame.

  1. Her full name is Rebecca Marie Gomez.
  2. Becky G is 21 years old. She was born on 2nd March 1997.
  3. Becky has two brothers, Frankie and Alex, and a sister Stephanie.
  4. Her dad is Frank Gomez and her mum is Alejandra Gomez.
  5. She was born and raised in Inglewood, California.
  6. She lives at home with her parents and her three siblings in Lawndale, Los Angeles.
  7. When she was just nine years old, Becky claims she had a “mid-life crisis” where she decided she was going to pursue a career in music.
  8. At the time this happened, Becky and her family had some financial struggles and were living in her grandparents’ garage. It was because of this she wanted make a better life for her family which, combined with her life-long love of music, is what spurred her to become a pop-star.
  9. Because of her family’s financial struggles, Becky wanted to earn money to help them out, so she started working some part-time jobs.
  10. Some of her jobs included doing voice-over work and working in commercials!
  11. Two years after her mid-life crisis, Becky started honing her rap skills at only age 11.
  12. She was discovered on YouTube in 2011 when she was 14 years old by Dr. Luke, a renowned music producer that has worked with a large amount of famous artists including Miley Cyrus and Rhianna.
  13. It was Becky’s cover of Kanye West and Jay Z’s hit Otis that caught Dr. Luke’s attention.
  14. Becky G’s fans are called Beasters.
  15. Becky says her biggest musical influences are Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Thalia and Selena.
  16. Simon Cowell once tweeted about Becky G calling her a star in the making!
  17. Her debut single, Becky From The Block, was released in Spring 2013 and is a spin-off of J Lo’s hit single Jenny From The Block.
  18. J Lo even featured in the video for Becky From The Block, something which Becky G was thrilled with as she admires J Lo’s career. Becky spoke about why she loves J Lo so much, saying “She’s a singer, dancer, actress and businesswoman. She does it all!”
  19. Becky G isn’t just a singer, but also a credited songwriter for other young artists including Cody Simpson and Cher Lloyd. Becky and Cody co-wrote the 2012 hit Wish U Were Here and sang on it together, and Becky even featured in Cher Lloyd’s 2012 single Oath.
  20. She even helped Cody Simpson as one of the opening acts on Justin Bieber’s Believe.
  21. Becky G was also featured on Ke$ha’s 2012 remix to her own song Die Young.
  22. Becky G’s also worked with Will.I.Am on the song Problem (The Monster Remix) for the 2012 animated film Hotel Transylvania.
  23. In July 2013, Becky released her first EP Play It Again.
  24. The second single Becky released from Play It Again featured Latino rapper Pitbull and ended up becoming Becky’s first No. 1 Latin Airplay
  25. She once revealed that her most embarrassing moment on stage was when she performed a whole show with her zipper down!


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