The World’s Biggest Slipper

Jamie Ward
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Tom Boddingham became the owner of the world's biggest slipper after going online to order a size 1,450 slipper!

    Tom Boddingham became the owner of the worlds biggest slipper after going online to order a pair of gorilla style slippers; he was in a bit of shock when his slippers arrived!

    Tom had thought he had requested a size 13 for his right foot, and a size 14.5 for his left.

    However, it turns out that he accidentally forgot to add the decimal point.

    And due to a miss translation error, a zero was added to the end.

    The factory that produces these slippers thought it was a little weird making a size 1450 slipper, but assumed that it must be for a window display.

    Above is an image of Tom sitting inside his slipper, the size of a small car.

    When asked what he would do with the worlds biggest slipper, he replied saying he’d probably sell it on eBay.

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