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Nintendo Switch facts

9 Interesting Facts About The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a video game console released on March 3, 2017. It was the world's first hybrid console allowing gamers to play on the go and plug directly into the TV. If you're a lover of the Switch, then you'll want to know these top nine Nintendo Switch Facts.

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10 Facts About The Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn is a video games console that was released back in 1994. Although it wasn't as big a success as first thought, it was the first to display 3D graphics, and over 1000 games were made for it. Here are ten fun facts all about the Sega Saturn.

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Facts About the Original Game Boy

15 Fun Facts About the Nintendo Game Boy

So many journeys as a child were filled by the seemly never ending onslaught of the Game Boy’s heavy-hitters including Pokémon & Zelda. The simplicity, the games, and easy controls made the Game Boy one of the most popular handhelds in the world. Here are 15 facts about this gaming icon.

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Sony PlayStation 2 Facts

5 Fun Facts About Sony’s PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 is a console so many of us remember fondly; from the graphics & the aesthetics of the console itself to the amazing franchises released on the platform, they all made the PS2 a winner in so many people’s books. Here we're going to look at 5 fun facts about the PS2!

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Sony PS1 Facts

5 Awesome Facts About Sony’s PlayStation One

Ah the PlayStation, a serious shot of nostalgia for so many people across the world. Even after all this time since the PSone was the most popular console in any child's home, there's still some awesome facts you don't know about Sony's PS1. Here's 5 facts you didn't know...

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Nintendo Wii U Console

Interesting Facts About Nintendo’s Wii U

The Wii U console by Nintendo was released in late 2012 and featured many classic games such as Mario & Zelda. The console is capable of being played on the TV, or remotely with the handheld device, but isn't without its flaws. Keep reading to find out why.

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Classic N64 Console

20 Interesting Facts About the Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 was one of the major consoles of its time and adopted the name due to its 64-bit central processing unit. The console came with some of the top classic games including Mario of course. Here are some interesting N64 facts.

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All You Need To Know About the PS4

Interesting Facts About Sony’s Playstation 4

In late 2013 the world was treated to the release of the next generation in gaming consoles. The two main contenders of the console wars were, of course, Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. Check out these interesting facts about the PS4.

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Xbox One Console Facts

Interesting Facts About Microsoft’s Xbox One

The Xbox One was released in 2013 by Microsoft. The console was incredibly popular and introduced some brand new features unseen on consoles before. Obviously it wasn’t without its problems too and here are some of the pros and cons.

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Atari 2600 Console

Amazing Facts On The Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 video game console was released in 1977 and was sold for $200 which is equivalent to $800 in today's money! It was the third programmable machine ever created and had some amazing games like Outlaw, Space War and Breakout. Here are some awesome Atari facts.

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Facts About the Sega Dreamcast

26 Facts About the Sega Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast was a popular video games console that features a 128-bit chip and was released from Japan back in November 1998. Within its first year it was so popular it outsold Nintendo! Here’s 26 fun facts all about the Dreamcast.

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What You Didn't Know About Nintendo

What You Didn’t Know About Nintendo InfoGraphic

Nintendo started way back in 1889 and started off as a provider of card games. They didn’t make their first video game until 1978! From Maria to Zelda and Pokémon Nintendo has changed history! Check out this awesome InfoGraphic all about Nintendo.

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