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The differences between rugby union and American football

5 Differences Between Rugby Union and American Football

American football and rugby certainly have some similarities. Both games aim to score points by getting the ball safely to the other side of the pitch, but they are actually very different games. Here are 5 main differences that distinguish one sport from the other.

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Fun Facts about Dodgems

5 Fairly Fun Facts About Dodgems

Bumpers cars, while targeted for kids, are great fun for people of all ages! It's the only place where you can drive recklessly and it's okay! But these fun little cars weren't always made for bumping. Find out how they became the fun carnival ride they are today!

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A Brief History of Play Doh

A Few Fun Facts About Play-Doh & Its History

Play-Doh is part of every child's upbringing. It's a creative tool loved by everyone, but have you ever wondered where it comes from or who invented it? Here's the facts & history about Play-Doh!

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Crazy Ivysaur Facts

29 Incredible Facts About Ivysaur | Pokémon

Ivysaur is one of the more under-appreciated Pokémon out there. Sure, Ivysaur might not look as blasé as Charmeleon or as tough as Wartortle, but Ivysaur is one powerful Pokémon for a second-stage starter. Here are 29 interesting facts about Ivysaur.

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Amazing Health Benefits of Swimming

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Swimming

There are so many amazing benefits of swimming, health related and other. It is beneficial for your body – you can get fit, ease back into fitness after an injury and you can swim while pregnant! Keep reading to see these 7 health benefits of regular swimming.

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Surprising Facts about Haunter - Pokemon

15 Spooky Facts About Haunter | Pokémon

Haunter is among the more impressive Pokémon from the first-generation. With his fascinating ability to slip through walls and hurt his enemies with just his tongue, it's no doubt he should be a staple to every Trainers deck! Check out these 15 facts about Haunter.

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Pickles - The Dog That Found The World Cup Trophy

The World Cup Trophy Was Stolen & Found By A Dog

In March 1966, three months before the World Cup finals were set to commence in England for the first time in history, the World Cup trophy was stolen. Here's the story of the theft, and how finding the trophy changed the life of one dog forever!

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Insane Facts About the World Cup

30 Goal-tastic Facts About The World Cup

This international event has been going on for a while, and it certainly brings out the patriotism in everyone. So whether you're only watching for your country, or because you love soccer, here are 30 must know facts about the World Cup!

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Big Wave Surfing

The Top 5 Deadliest Extreme Sports

All sports are dangerous to an extent - however there are some that are more dangerous than others. Maybe you even participate in one or two of them - so check out if your favorite hobby is among the top deadliest sports in the world!

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Fascinating Facts About Bulbasaur

25 Best Facts About Bulbasaur | Pokémon

Bulbasaur may not be everyone's number 1 Pokémon, but it is #1 in the National Pokédex! Even if you aren't particularly familiar with the anime or game, chances are, you can still recognize Bulbasaur. Here we have 25 brilliant facts about this cute little green bulb!

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Tips to Help You Win Fortnite

6 Hidden Facts & Tips To Help You Win Fortnite

If you haven't been hooked into Fortnite yet, you may soon be. It can be hard to get into a new game, or even get good at one you've already been playing! These tips will help you quickly improve your skills in Fortnite and come out on top!

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Incredible Batman Facts

25 Insane Facts About Batman

Batman has always seemed the most realistic superhero. Whether you call him The Dark Knight or The Caped Crusader, this superhero has captured the hearts and minds of people across the globe for generations. Check out these 25 facts about the world’s greatest detective!

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