7 Surprising Health Benefits of Swimming

There are so many amazing benefits of swimming, health related and other. It is beneficial for your body – you can get fit, ease back into fitness after an injury and you can swim while pregnant! Keep reading to see these 7 health benefits of regular swimming.

The World Cup Trophy Was Stolen & Found By A Dog

In March 1966, three months before the World Cup finals were set to commence in England for the first time in history, the World Cup trophy was stolen. Here's the story of the theft, and how finding the trophy changed the life of one dog forever!

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The Top 5 Deadliest Extreme Sports

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20 Facts That’ll Help You Win Your Local Sports Bar Trivia

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20 Weirdest Rules in Sports

Without rules and laws and bylaws, we wouldn't function in a sane society. Same holds true for all sports. If there were no rules and sports were run as an anarchy, the world would go insane. We're taught to play by the rules. But what if those rules are ridiculous? Do we still follow them?

10 Interesting Facts About The NFL

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The World’s Strangest Technology Based Sports

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5 Basic Wrestling Terms for New Fans

Professional wrestling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the United States and across the world today. Thousands of fans fill arenas, auditoriums and gymnasiums to watch their favorite wrestlers put their bodies on the line merely to get applause and cheers. With its growing popularity, there are always new fans getting […]

Interesting Facts on Parkour and Free Running

You might have seen people jumping from wall to wall, scrambling over buildings, springing off poles and throwing themselves all over the place. Well if you read this article, you’ll know more about why they’re doing it and what it actually is! L’art du deplacement, Le parkour, Parkour, the art of displacement and Free running […]