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The human body is as complex as it is mysterious. So many systems work together in perfect cohesion, all controlled by the epicenter – our brain. Despite there still being many things we don’t understand about the body or mind, extensive research has revealed some amazing facts!

Laughter, for example, can actually boost your immune system and stave off infections; tears, on the other hand, are used to clean our eyes, but scientists don’t actually know why we produce them when we’re upset!

Want to learn more about exercise, your body, or the complex organs within it? Then check out the facts in this section!


Interesting Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have given those who smoke tobacco another choice that will not affect their health as badly. They still provide the smoker with a hit of nicotine but without all the nasty chemicals found in cigarettes. Let’s find out more about this incredible invention.

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Urine Facts

15 Facts About Urine InfoGraphic

The topic of urine is often not discussed which is understandable why. If I started by asking if you knew urine can whiten your teeth you’d be thinking “Ewww.” But it’s true. Check out this cool InfoGraphic that gives us 15 “interesting” pee facts.

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Phobias Beginning With the Letter A

Phobias Beginning With The Letter A

You won’t believe how many phobias there are that begin with the letter A! We have all obviously heard of agoraphobia (the fear or open spaces, crowds or leaving a safe space) and we also know arachnophobia (the fear of spiders). Here we look at some other more unique phobias.

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Amazing Fruit Facts

21 Amazing Facts About Fruit

We all love fruit, and we all have our favorite fruit too. Which one is yours, a juicy watermelon, sweet cherries, crunchy apples, or soft mangoes? Here are 21 amazing facts all about fruits that will have you reaching for the fruit bowl in no time.

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Youngest Mother in the World

The Youngest Mother In the World

The youngest mother in the world was just 5 years and 8 months old when she gave birth. Her parents thought she she had a large tumor and took her to hospital where four weeks later she gave birth to a baby boy. Let's take a closer look at this unique story.

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Facts About Grapes

A Bunch Of Fun Facts About Grapes

From green to purple and red too, who doesn't love grapes? Grapes are incredibly good for your health and well-being and are also used to make wine to help us get merry! Learn more about this delicious fruit with these awesome grape facts.

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Different Tea Brands

9 Interesting Facts About Tea

What could be more soothing than a supping lovely hot cup of tea? England may be the most famous country for its tea, but it didn’t originate there. Here are 9 interesting facts about tea that will have you reaching for the kettle in no time!

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Funny Phobias

A Few Funny Phobias You Probably Didn’t Know

We all know about the typical phobias like fear of clowns or snakes, but there are so many more out there that you might not have even knew existed before. Work your way through this list of phobias and see how many you know.

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Just Beans

A Baked Bean A Day Will Keep Death Away!

We all love baked beans, don’t we? Either on toast, on a jacket spud, or even just cold out the can! They go great with everything. You’ll be happy to know they are actually pretty healthy for you too! Here are some baked bean facts.

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Smoking Facts

Facts About Smoking That You Didn’t Know

We are all well aware now that smoking is bad for our health and the health of those around us. This highly addictive habit can destroy our health and body. But how bad is it really? Here are a few facts about its impacts that you might not know.

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Facts About Yawning

5 Fast Facts About Yawning That Wont Send You To Sleep

You might think there isn’t really much to know about yawning, but that would be totally untrue. Have we got you yawning yet? Well don’t worry because here are five cool facts about yawning that WON’T send you to sleep!

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