Facts About Nails & Nail Polish

Unusual Facts About Nails and Nail Polish

Just a quick one today, here we have the top ten most unusual facts about nails and nail polish.

If you have nails, you should check out the facts and learn something new!

Our finger and toenails are made out of a hard material called keratin, which is the same material as our hair.

The nails on a woman’s hands and feet typically grow more slowly than the nails on a man’s.

In the warm summer, your nails will grow at a faster rate than they will in the cold winter.

Typing with your nails will actually stimulate their growth, and has a similar effect to a nail massage.

Only the area around the nails can sweat; the nail beds themselves are unable to do so.

In ancient Egypt, the symbol of a woman’s status was the color of her nails, with red as the highest rank.

The Chinese also made extensive use of nail painting, even using gold and silver to decorate their nails.

Over the years, nail polish has included some pretty bizarre ingredients, including formaldehyde, beeswax, and gelatin.

Painting pictures and designs on fingernails was a familiar practice to the Incas, many of whom had eagle designs on their fingers.

The original inspiration for colored nail enamels came with the invention of the first car paints in the 20s.

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