The Evolution of eBooks [Infographic]

The Evolution of eBooks



These days, book stores are becoming fewer and fewer by the day, though there are some major companies like Barnes & Noble that still stand strong.

But what’s with the decline? Are people reading less, or is there perhaps just an alternative method?

That’s where eBooks come in! With the rise of Kindle and downloadable books, there’s simply no reason to have bulky books when they can all be stored onto one device.

But did you know that the idea for eBooks has been around since the 30’s?

Even the technology has been around for about 50 years, however it wasn’t until this century that it was manufactured in a convenient and portable style.

There are pros and cons to both eBooks and hard copies of books, so there is no wrong choice – it just depends on what works best for you!

So whether you need help deciding which route to go, or  you already have your preference, the background of eBooks is a fascinating story, and may further your appreciation for this incredible invention!

The Evolution of eBooks Infographic

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