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50 Facts About Chickens That Will Ruffle Your Feathers!

Why did the chicken cross the road? Maybe they just want to live their lives without their motives being questioned! Whether you prefer them as pets on a farm, or on your dinner plate for a meal, here are 50 facts about one of the most classic farm animals!

20 Facts About Red Bull That’ll Actually Give You Wings!

Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world, possibly because it was the first energy drink to hit the market! There’s a lot more history to these simple red and blue cans. So crack open a can and down these 20 awesome facts about Red Bull!

30 Scotland Facts That Will Lift Your Kilt!

When you say "Scotland," you might think of bagpipes, and kilts. Or maybe your mind goes to the infamous Loch Ness Monster. However, Scotland also boasts magnificent landscapes along with rich history. Whatever you think you know about the country, here are 30 facts about Scotland that might surprise you!

30 Astonishing Facts About Tattoos

Did you know that 23% of people regret their tattoos, with the biggest regret being a tattooed name? Well, whether you have a tattoo or not, here are 30 astonishing facts about tattoos that you probably don't know!

21 Interesting Facts About Graffiti

No matter how rich or poor a city is, there is often some trace of graffiti somewhere. But did you ever stop to think about the history of graffiti or different styles? Here are 21 interesting facts about graffiti that you probably didn't know!

23 Facts About YouTube Star Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is known for his creative vlogging style with stop animation, handmade graphics, and impressive DIY videos, he has built up a YouTube following in the millions. Here are 23 must-read Casey Neistat facts!

6 Health Benefits of Eating Cherries

Even though there are over 1,000 different types of cherries, they are separated into two classifications: sweet and sour. No matter how you choose to enjoy this delicious fruit, here are 6 amazing health benefits of eating cherries.

30 Fun Facts About Emilie de Ravin

Since 1999, Emilie de Ravin has been making a name for herself in the acting industry. After making her big break on the Emmy Award winning TV show Lost, she moved on to another popular show, Once Upon a Time. Here are 30 facts about Emilie de Ravin to satisfy your curiosity!

30 Interesting Facts About Horses

Horses are beautiful creatures to look at, and thousands of fanatics enjoy riding them or showing them every year. Here are thirty interesting facts you might like to know about horses.

10 Interesting Facts About Turtles

Turtles are some of the cutest creatures in the sea! Some people like to keep them as pets, if it’s a tiny turtle, or a huge tortoise, there is pretty much no exception. Here are 10 turtlly amazing facts about these reptilian cuties that'll make you love them even more!