5 Fast Facts About Christmas Video

5 Fast Facts About Christmas Video

It’s Christmas time!

And to start the festive celebrations this year, we’ve made a quick video to give you our 5 favorite Christmas facts.

In this video, learn how many gifts are given in the “12 Days of Christmas” song, and where Canadian children send their Christmas lists to.

So if you have a minute spare (literally 1 minute), then why not get yourself in that Christmas mood and check out our Christmas facts video below!

We’ve also written the facts out below if you’d prefer!

In December 1965, “Jingle Bells” was the first song broadcast in space.

In Canada, letters sent to Santa go to postcode “H0H 0H0”.

In 1901, President Roosevelt banned Christmas trees in the White House.

In the “12 Days of Christmas” song, the amount of gifts add up to 364.

During the holiday period, around 28 sets of Lego are sold per second.

We hope you enjoyed the video! Let us know what you think in the comments below and tell us if we should make more videos in the new year!

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