Bethany Rollinson

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Swimming

There are so many amazing benefits of swimming, health related and other. It is beneficial for your body – you can get fit, ease back into fitness after an injury and you can swim while pregnant! Keep reading to see these 7 health benefits of regular swimming.

10 Quenching Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Everyone knows water is good for you, but do you know the specifics to why this amazing yet flavorless liquid is so fantastic for your body? Check inside to find out and maybe inspire you to add more water to your day to day diet!

20 Furry Facts About Raccoons

Raccoons are nature's bandit! These cute yet dangerously smart creatures are bound to make you "aww" while stealing your food. There's more to these devious animals than you might think, from their surprising life span to their impressive IQ. Find out more about these not so cuddly animals!

Bees Vs Wasps: The 4 Main Differences

Bees and wasps are two creatures that are extremely similar, and to the normal eye the differences are hard to see. There are more than 25,000 different kinds of each insect! Here we will discuss the 4 main differences between bees and wasps.

Cassowary Facts – The World’s Most Dangerous Bird

Did you know the third largest bird to currently walk our Earth is the cassowary? They can reach up to 6.5 ft (2 meters) in height and can weigh nearly 133lbs (60kg) - that is the same weight as the average person. They're also the most dangerous bird in the world!

10 Strange Sunburn Remedies You Should Try

Want to get rid of that pesky sunburn or simply want a few moments to relax without that burning pain? Look no further! Here are 10 strange sunburn remedies you should try!