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Fun Facts About Eminem InfoGraphic

Who would have thought Eminem is a huge fan of The Matrix and Spider-man and has a world record! Check out this awesome infographic about Eminem and learn something new!

Eminem Infographic

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  1. Dominichand98 - 1 May 2012 - Reply

    i love eminem he is my fav rapper he raps about how i feel most of the time

  2. Anna burrow - 5 April 2012 - Reply

    my brother hates eminem because of his swearing so if u go to 1 of his conserts tell him stop swearing but any way eminem is cool but not as cool as lil wayne because lil wayne does not swear as much and luv eminems songs and luv lil waynes better but am chrishtian so luv god more than any thing so i go to church and read the bible every day

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