Female Celebrities

Everyone has a favorite female celebrity, whether it be an actress, musician, or maybe even a politician! Everyone has their own quirks about them, and this is no exception. Find out the surprising background of your favorite celebrity, or just test your knowledge with our top female celebrity facts!

30 Fun Facts About Emma Watson

Emma Watson is no doubt a household name at this point. Everyone seems to love this wholesome actress who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in. Here we satisfy your curiosity with 30 of the most interesting facts about this actress!

30 Eccentric Facts About Cardi B

Cardi B is one of the most popular female rappers of today. With her sassy attitude and millions of followers, there’s nothing that can stand in the way of this entertainer. There’s likely a lot you didn’t know about Cardi B – see how many of these facts surprise you!

30 Fun Facts About Evangeline Lilly

Ever since her role on Lost, Evangeline Lilly has been maintaining a careful level of privacy, all while starring in major movies. There are still a lot of fascinating things out there about the actress/author, so check out these 30 facts about Evangeline Lilly!

30 Fun Facts About Emilie de Ravin

Since 1999, Emilie de Ravin has been making a name for herself in the acting industry. After making her big break on the Emmy Award winning TV show Lost, she moved on to another popular show, Once Upon a Time. Here are 30 facts about Emilie de Ravin to satisfy your curiosity!

50 Facts About Vera Farmiga | Bates Motel

Vera Farmiga is an actress well-known to many. Chances are if you’ve seen her recently, it will be in A&E’s modern prequel to horror classic Pyscho, Bates Motel, where she plays the infamous Norma Bates. If you're a fan of the show, or the actress, here are 50 fun facts about Vera Farmiga!

30 Facts About Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor is one of those super special artists who can do just about anything. A musical genius, this young lady composes, performs and plays multiple instruments. She's topped the charts and broken records along the way. If you're a fan, check out these top 30 fun facts!

50 Fun Facts About Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony is one of those rare musical acts that came together like a fairy tale. The girlband started on The X-Factor USA in 2012, and have continued to rise to the top of the charts ever since. Here are 50 fun facts about Fifth Harmony.

40 Fun Facts About Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is an award-winning singer-songwriter with over 40 million albums sold worldwide. This child prodigy has numerous awards to her name and was listed among the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time by VH1 in 2010. If you love Alicia Keys, here are 40 fun facts you can't miss!

30 Facts You Didn’t Know About Adele

She might be one of the most popular female artists ever, but isn't it time you knew more about Adele than the fact she sang 'Skyfall' and writes songs which reflect her own life? If you're a fan of the popular British singer, Adele, these fun facts are a must-read!

50 Fun Facts About Becky G

American-Latin rapper and pop-star Becky G has taken the world by storm since her discovery in 2011. She's worked with some of the biggest artists in the pop-music including Will.I.Am, J-Lo, and Pitbull. She's also been the opening acts for some huge mega-stars like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. Check out these 50 facts!

50 Facts About Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, an inspiring, beautiful and extremely talented actress, singer & dancer who has won over 30 awards as of 2015, so check out these top 50 fun facts about Ariana’s life,