Holidays & Events

Get Ready For Mad Hatter Day | October 6

The Mad Hatter is based on a problem that arose in the 1800's when hat companies actually used lead in the hat making process. The lead got into their systems and they went insane, hence the term "mad as a hatter". Read on for the facts about Mad Hatter Day.

National Two Different Colored Shoes Day | May 3

Who doesn’t love a reason to be unique or weird for a day? Well this special holiday might just be what you’re looking for! National Two Different Colored Shoes Day is celebrated on the 3rd May every year by simply wearing two different colored shoes. So if this is something you or a friend would […]

10 Crazy Facts About Valentine’s Day

14th February is upon us, so today we are sharing the love and romance with these top ten crazy facts about the most wonderfully romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day.

13 Christmas Eve Facts & Traditions

Christmas Evening (or Eve for short) traditionally starts at sunset a day before Christmas Day. It’s usually the day to prepare food, watch some Christmas movies & have a few drinks to relax before the big day. If you love this day, here are a few festive facts about Christmas Eve. Scientists calculated that for […]

12 Foods of Christmas InfoGraphic

Christmas dinner is one of the most anticipated meals in the U.K., we all look forward to it and we’re more than happy to help ourselves to a second helping of turkey or potatoes – but are we aware of how much food we actually eat at Christmas? We always get so excited at this […]

The History of Christmas Crackers

We’ve all pulled a Christmas cracker with the family over a Christmas dinner before, but where did this tradition come from? And what’s with the rubbish jokes? Find out the facts on Christmas crackers here! So let’s start basic. A Christmas cracker often contains a paper hat, a really bad joke and a small gift, […]

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Tacky, ugly, horrendous, and cheesy. What do these words all describe? Christmas sweaters. 12th December is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day – a day to give back filled with fun, family and friends. Leave your uncomfortable suit and school uniform hanging in the closet and pull out that sweater from Grandma that’s been collecting dust. […]

Facts About LOST 2014 | Official Fan Gathering

If you're a LOST fan, I'm sure you've heard of the fan gathering in Hawaii on 20-22nd September 2014, celebrating the 10th anniversary of LOST's premiere. Whether you went or not, let's look at the most interesting facts about the event.

National Doughnut Day

It’s the time of the year again where National Doughnut Day (Also spelt as donut) is celebrated word wide! Each year on the first Friday in the month of June, millions of people flock to the nearest shop, bakery or café to gobble down some of their favorite doughnuts. Many doughnut establishments throughout the United […]

Dress Up Your Pet Day | January 14

That’s right, folks! National Dress Up Your Pet Day is here so it’s time to dig out your kitty hats and puppy jumpers to make sure your furry little friends are the most glamorous pets on your street today. Dress Up Your Pet Day was founded in 2009 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal […]

Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day | July 27

Who doesn’t love a reason to be weird? Well 27th July is Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day – the perfect day to be weird! Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day is a truly crazy day where you walk your houseplants around, so they can get to know their environment a little more. […]

Snowman Burning Day | March 20

Snowman Burning Day falls on 20th March every year and is surrounded by awesome facts about how this day first began. This special holiday marks the changing of seasons, where we leave winter behind and head towards spring. How do you burn a snowman? Good question! And well to be honest, it’s not an actual […]