The truth behind why there are so many midges in Scotland

Why Are There So Many Midges In Scotland?

Nobody likes midges - they're called pests for a reason! They seem to serve no purpose other than bothering you and leaving you covered in oh so attractive bite marks, especially during the summer. They're especially abundant in Scotland - but did you know there's a reason?

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Colorful Facts About Parrots

30 Colorful Facts About Parrots

Parrots are definitely among the most colorful birds out there. Known for their ability to talk back and sit on pirate’s shoulders, there’s a huge variety of these intelligent birds, which also means there’s a lot to learn about them! So check out these top 30 colorful facts about parrots!

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30 Facts About Dingoes

30 Furry Facts About Dingoes

Dingoes don't have much of a reputation past eating peoples babies - but there's so much more to these canines! These Australian natives have more fascinating facts about them than you might think - so check out our top 30 facts about Dingoes!

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Fantastic Facts About Armadillos

30 Dill-ightful Facts About Armadillos

When it comes to favorite animals, armadillos may not be at the top of everyone's list. Even though they aren't furry like most mammals, they still have an undeniable cuteness about them. After reading this list of our top 30 armadillo facts, perhaps they'll soon be your favorite!

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Awesome Facts About Cougars

30 Claw-some Facts About Cougars

Cougars go by many names - some you may now have known even referred to this giant cat! Inside you'll find out just how many names they have, where you can find them (or avoid them!) and so much more. Check inside and get all the facts about these majestic creatures!

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Fascinating Facts About Raccoons

20 Furry Facts About Raccoons

Raccoons are nature's bandit! These cute yet dangerously smart creatures are bound to make you "aww" while stealing your food. There's more to these devious animals than you might think, from their surprising life span to their impressive IQ. Find out more about these not so cuddly animals!

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Surprising Facts About the Tardigrade

What Is A Tardigrade?

One unknown yet impressive creature, is the tardigrade. They survive conditions other species can’t, the tardigrade is mother nature's best kept secret. This tiny creature is relatively unknown to the general population despite its impressive features. Find out what tardigrade is right here!

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Interesting Facts About Crows

30 Facts About Crows That’ll Have You Caw-ing For More

To many, crows are an annoying bird that won't shut up. But there's so much more to them! Crows are an interesting and clever animal that you could spend years learning about. But to start out, you can find out plenty of facts about them by reading this list.

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Bees Vs Wasps: The 4 Main Differences

Bees Vs Wasps: The 4 Main Differences

Bees and wasps are two creatures that are extremely similar, and to the normal eye the differences are hard to see. There are more than 25,000 different kinds of each insect! Here we will discuss the 4 main differences between bees and wasps.

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50 Incredible Chicken Facts

50 Facts About Chickens That Will Ruffle Your Feathers!

Why did the chicken cross the road? Maybe they just want to live their lives without their motives being questioned! Whether you prefer them as pets on a farm, or on your dinner plate for a meal, here are 50 facts about one of the most classic farm animals!

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Red Robin Facts

20 Facts About Red Robin’s You’ll Flock To!

As a popular Christmas token, it's no wonder everybody likes the red robin! But the idea of the robin isn’t as old as you may think. Check out these 20 amazing facts about the bird that signals the start of Christmas!

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Animal Sleeping Habits

The Sleep Habits of Your Favorite Animals [Infographic]

For humans, we all tend to get our 40 winks pretty similarly, aiming for the recommended 8 hours per night. However, we’re one of the only creatures on Earth to do so. Take a look at sleeping habits across the animal kingdom, you'll soon see just how diverse it is!

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