25 Interesting Facts About Elephants

Most living creatures are amazing in their own different ways. But what most people don’t realize is, elephants are even more amazing when you discover some really awesome facts! You are about to make an exciting discovery about elephants, which I’m sure will make you appreciate these amazing creatures much better. If an Elephant dies, […]

Names for Groups of Animals

So the other day I found out what the name for a collective group of owls is (it’s a parliament, by the way), and that set me to thinking: what other strange and cool names are there for groups of animals? So I had a look and it turns out there’s quite a few, so […]

Facts About the Zebrafish

Zebrafish are tropical freshwater fish that are part of the minnow family. Native to the Himalayan Region, they are naturally found to be shoal fish and tend to live in shallow ponds and standing waters and often the most abundant fish in the waters they inhabit. They are popular aquarium fish as they are robust […]

Dress Up Your Pet Day | January 14

That’s right, folks! National Dress Up Your Pet Day is here so it’s time to dig out your kitty hats and puppy jumpers to make sure your furry little friends are the most glamorous pets on your street today. Dress Up Your Pet Day was founded in 2009 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal […]

26 Interesting Facts About Giant Pandas

Black and white, cuddly and endangered, which can only be the Giant Panda! Read on for 26 interesting facts about Giant Pandas! The Latin for Giant Panda is ‘ailuropda melanoleuca’. In China, they are known as ‘da xiong mao’, which means giant bear cat. Male pandas are called boars. Female pandas are called sows. Their […]

Thirty Gripping Facts on Sharks

Sharks have a fearsome reputation as man hunters, but more people are killed by falling coconuts than sharks! Read on for more shark facts! Sharks have prowled the waters for over 400 million years. There are many breeds of sharks. The most well-known are: Bull shark, Great White shark, Hammerhead shark, Nurse shark, Sand Tiger […]

Facts on the Dodo and Extinction

Have you heard the expression “dead as a Dodo” and wondered where it came from? Or wondered why the Dodo became extinct? Well read the facts! The Dodo was a plump gray bird, with white feathers. It weighed in around 20 to 23 kilograms. A flightless bird, it had a hooked beak. A general friendly […]

Unusual Facts About Pygmy Seahorses

Pygmy seahorses were discovered by a scuba diver called George Bargibant in 1969. Here's a video giving unusual facts about pygmy seahorses.

30 Interesting Facts About Tigers

If tigers are your favorite of the big cats, then why not check out these top thirty interesting facts on tigers and learn something new! The Latin name for the tiger is ‘Panthera tigris‘. They can live up to 26 years in captivity and in the wild. Tigers prefer to inhabit forests, grasslands and mangrove […]

30 Amazing Facts About Cheetahs

If you’re a lover of animals, cats or knowledge then you’ll love these interesting facts about the adorable speedy big cat, the cheetah. The Latin name for the cheetah is Acinonyx jubatus. They generally inhabit Africa and the Middle East. The name ‘cheetah’ comes from Sanskrit word ‘variegated’. A cheetah can weigh up to 160 […]

30 Roar-some Facts About Lions

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is one of the most famous songs of all time, but how much do you know about those majestic creatures? Whether it’s a lot, or not much at all, you’ll enjoy these facts! The Latin name for a lion is Panthera Leo. Lions can live up to 14 years in the […]

Bumblebee Bat Facts – The World’s Smallest Bat

Not only is the Bumblebee bat, (or Kitti’s Hog Nosed Bat as it is also known as) the world’s smallest bat, but it is also the worlds smallest mammal. These cute little creatures are just 29 – 33mm in length, and have a wingspan of approximately 170mm and weigh a tiny amount of 2 grams! […]