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Harry Potter fans should know that Dementors are considered as the foulest creates upon Earth.

However, there’s so much more you probably didn’t know!

Here are 13 interesting facts you should know about Dementors.

Rather then being born, Dementors grow like fungi in the darkest of places, creating a dense and chilly fog.

Dementors feed of from human emotions, although they do have difficulty sensing an animals emotions as their feelings are more primitive then a humans.

Even though they have the same effect on muggles as they do on Wizards, they are invisible to muggles.

Squibs (“Non magic folk” who are born from magic parents) also cannot see them, however, they are aware of their existence.

J. K. Rowling created Dementors after a time in her life which she was clinically depressed.

They feed of from happiness, therefore causing depression to anyone close by.

The “Dementors Kiss” is the process in which they suck out the human soul from a body, leaving them in a vegetated state.

They were used by the Ministry of Magic to guard Azkaban Prison, up until the mid 1996 where they defected, and joined forces with Lord Voldermort.

Dementors hold no loyalty, except with who can provide them with the most people that they can feed upon.

Dementors cannot be destroyed, only repelled using the Patronus Charm.

It is unknown what effect a Dementors kiss would have on someone who has split their souls though the use of horcruxes.

Chocolate seems to be an effective ‘first aid’ to anyone who has come within close contact of a Dementor.

A victim of a Dementors kiss cannot become a ghost, as they have no soul.

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