Today is the 9th August, or also known as National Rice Pudding Day! To celebrate this day is rather easy and tasty, check out the facts!

National Rice Pudding Day falls on the same date every year, and all you have to do to celebrate this day is to make yourself some rice pudding and eat it all up!

If you follow me on Twitter, or various places around the web, you may know, ColdRicePudding is my online username, so having a day dedicated to rice pudding is a rather cool day for me. In my opinion rice pudding is absolutely amazing! It tastes good hot or cold and you can put almost anything with it to make it taste just that little  better.

Don’t just be boring when making your rice pudding though, by buying a tin and heating it up, try something special like, Indian Rice Pudding, Pompadour Rice, Rice Custard Pudding or Rice Dessert With Chocolate Meringue.

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Written By Luke Ward

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