Microsoft is so big you may not even realize how much you use it. Producing not only the functionality of computers and computer software, Microsoft is also responsible for Xbox, providing us entertainment too. Inside, we have all you need to know about this mega business!

Facts about Bill Gates

15 Interesting Facts About Bill Gates

Bill Gates' home is called Xanadu 2.0, which is a reference to the motion picture Citizen Kane.

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Surprising Facts About Microsoft

30 Surprising Facts About Microsoft

At age 31, Bill Gates was officially the youngest billionaire in the world. This was 2 years after Microsoft Windows was released.

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Are Phones More Powerful Than Laptops?

Is Your Smartphone More Powerful Than Your Laptop?

Although smartphones are incredible for portability, they haven’t managed to outsmart laptops or desktop computers just yet.

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Autocorrect History & Origins

The History & Origin of Autocorrect

To tackle bad language in autocorrecting the so-called bad word is underlined but no suggestions are presented.

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Microsoft Windows XP Facts

20 Facts About Windows XP

Windows XP was first available in 2001. There are over five hundred million copies of Windows XP still in use to this day.

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Comic Sans Font Facts

12 Facts About Comic Sans – The World’s Most Hated Font

Comic Sans is one of the world's most (in)famous fonts and was designed by Vincent Connare.

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Xbox One Console Facts

Interesting Facts About Microsoft’s Xbox One

Did you know you can Skype with your friends whilst watching TV or playing a game with an Xbox One?

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Top 100 Random Facts About Technology

100 Surprising Technology Facts That You Didn’t Know

"Phantom Vibration Syndrome" is the name for when someone thinks their phone is vibrating, but it isn’t.

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Xbox 360 Facts

Facts About Xbox 360

Did you know that it would take roughly 485 billion Xbox 360's laid end-to-end in order to build a bridge to the sun?

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