30 Surprising Facts About Microsoft

Microsoft, the first lightbulb to spark when one thinks of anything computing. They were one of the forerunners for modern computing and are still there now. From the operating system to word processing suites, Microsoft really do know their game.

Is Your Smartphone More Powerful Than Your Laptop?

Every year we see more and more improvement in the mobile technology sector but have we reached a point where the smartphone is actually more powerful than the laptop I write this on? Lets look at the facts...

The History & Origin of Autocorrect

Autocorrect really is a technological advancement that almost every person uses daily and sometimes without even realizing it. However much we hate the process on occasion it really is so much help for us all, but where did it come from?

20 Facts About Windows XP

Everyone remembers the beloved Windows XP that operated truly as an OS should. It was intuitive, streamlined, and not filled with the horrible kinks and problems seen in Vista or Windows 8. Despite Windows XP officially being made redundant due to the three new operating systems released since, there is still a strong following of […]

12 Facts About Comic Sans – The World’s Most Hated Font

Comic Sans, one of the worlds most (in)famous fonts. It really is a Marmite-esque thing, you either love it or you hate it. Me, personally, I don’t mind it. But what about you? Love it? Hate it? Regardless of your stance, here’s some cool facts about Comic Sans. Enjoy, haters and lovers alike. Comic Sans […]

Interesting Facts About Microsoft’s Xbox One

So 2013 saw the release and battle of the next generation’s consoles. No matter where you’re from it was pretty big news. Big enough to even feature as a theme in South Park‘s brilliant season seventeen three-parter that hurled the console wars into the mix with Game of Thrones and the madness of Black Friday. […]

Top 100 Technology Facts

The advancement of technology over the past 20 years has really shaped the world we live in today. But let's not forget how we got here. Here are the top 100 interesting facts about technology from old-school, all the way to tech of the future.

Facts About Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is the second video game console produced by Microsoft, the first one being just the Xbox. It has competed with the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Xbox 360 was first released on 22nd November 2005 and since then over 70 million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold worldwide. There are over […]