Breaking Bad

Even though Breaking Bad ended in 2013, it continues to be talked about and loved by its many dedicated fans. Even after the ending of the show, the legacy continues through the spin-off of Better Call Saul. Refresh your memory of this iconic show with all the best facts here!

30 Facts About Aaron Paul That Won’t Break You

Aaron Paul has been making a name for himself and building a loyal following while building a successful career. Turns out, Aaron Paul is nothing like his infamous character, Jesse Pinkman. If that's the case, then what is he really like? Find out with these awesome facts about Aaron Paul!

The Walking Dead & Breaking Bad Prequel Theory is Wrong

If you're a T.V. junkie like me there's a high chance that you loved Breaking Bad. And there's an equally high chance that you absolutely love The Walking Dead. So if that's you, then you've probably heard the Heisenberg's blue sky caused the zombie outbreak in The Walking Dead. It's a cool theory - but lets look closer...