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Festive Facts About the Christmas Pudding

The Christmas Pudding is a traditional dessert eaten during the holidays. It became a family tradition when it was declared by Prince Albert in the Victoria Era. A traditional Christmas Pudding was handmade – by chopping and mixing the ingredients, before boiling and steaming. The first hand written recipe dates back to the Middle Ages, […]

15 Cool Candy Cane Facts

Who doesn’t love the red and white striped peppermint-flavored candy sticks? They are mainly associated with Christmas, and can be used for a tasty treat or a traditional Christmas tree decoration. If you love this Christmas candy, or just want to learn more, check out these 15 cool facts about candy canes. National Candy Cane […]

Half A Dozen Egg Facts That Are Truly Cracking

Eggs can be prepared in many ways and can be used for different things such as food, decoration, cake and dealing with simple household problems like slugs and stained mugs! Here are half a dozen facts about eggs that you should know. Chicken eggs are not just white and brown in color. It depends on […]

10 Facts About Pumpkins To Prepare You for Halloween

Carving pumpkins is an iconic tradition when it comes to Halloween, but what facts do you know about pumpkins? Well here we have 10 fast facts about pumpkins to prepare you for Halloween!

20 Cheesy Facts About Cheese

If you want to know some interesting facts about cheese, you’ve come to the right place, here are 20 awesome cheesy facts! ‘Cheese’ comes from the Latin word ‘caseus’, which has been found to mean ‘to ferment/to sour’. Cheese is made from the milk of cows, buffalo’s, goats, sheep, horses and camels. Milk is boiled […]

18 Refreshing Facts About Dr. Pepper

Dr Pepper is a soft drink that many of you would’ve drunk before, its unique flavor is something you wouldn’t forget, check out the facts! Charles Alderton is the man behind the invention of the Dr. Pepper drink. The very first bottle sold in on the 12th January, 1885. Dr. Pepper is the oldest brand […]

Top 100 Random Food Facts

Here we have a fantastic list of the top 100 random food facts, from fruit & veg, to chocolate and candy. If you love your food, these facts will satisfy your appetite!

Fun World Records About Eating

Today, people can set a world record for nearly anything. And that really applies to setting food related world records! Here are the top ten most bizarre facts about the world records about eating (and drinking). Deepak Sharma Bajagain broke the world record for eating the most cloves of garlic in one minute, he managed […]

5 Fun Facts About French Fries

Today, I share with you an interesting video by GeoBeats that gives you the top five fun facts you could ever want to know about French Fries. French fries are, perhaps, poorly named, since they originate in Belgium and are most popular in America. In England these are referred to as “chips”. Though French fries […]

Facts About Pizza and Hamburgers

Whilst pizza and hamburgers may not be the healthiest of foods you could eat, they certainly taste great! Check out these top fun facts about pizza & hamburgers – you can also scroll further down to watch the videos. Pizza originated as a simple piece of flat-bread, garnished with whatever kinds of food were readily […]

Easter Statistics InfoGraphic

Easter is one of the most kid-friendly holidays! Especially for the chocolate lovers, it is a great time of year for candy. If you were to guess how many dump trucks worth of candy are bought, do you think you’d be close? The amount of candy eaten during Easter isn’t quite as much as in […]

Apples Vs Oranges: The Final Comparison InfoGraphic

People say apples and oranges cannot be compared, but they would be wrong! Can you guess which fruit typically prefer? The answer is different depending on if it’s in juice form or if its the fruit itself. About the only similarity between these two fruits is that they’re both round. However, they still both offer […]