Circus Skills

What is Contact Juggling?

When you think of the word 'juggling', you probably think of a circus where a clown is tossing several balls or other objects up into the air at once. Despite the name 'juggling', the balls are never really juggled in the air since the person juggling never actually releases them.

These 25 Juggling Facts Really Are The Balls

Juggling is a great way to sharpen your focus, burn some calories, and if you get really good it's a great way to impress your friends. Juggling is also the most well-known skill of the circus troupe, which is why everybody expects to see at least one juggling act when they go to the circus. Check out the facts!

Diabolo Facts and World Records

The diabolo is a circus skill, also referred to as a juggling toy, which consists of a spool propelled and manipulated by a player using a length of string attached to two sticks, one held in each hand. The basic act of playing with a diabolo involves making the diabolo spin by dragging the string […]