16 Festive Facts About Mistletoe

When the time comes to decorate your home for the holiday season, it simply wouldn't be complete without mistletoe. While holly, ivy and poinsettia can often be seen at this time of year, mistletoe has its own special place over the front door.

Where Does Santa Actually Live?

If you traveled to the North Pole, surely you'd find Santa, right? Well, it seems that not everybody is in agreement when it comes to the dwelling of the man in red. Many countries have different beliefs about Santa’s home, and with little proof available, it's tough to say where he really lives.

13 Christmas Eve Facts & Traditions

Christmas Evening (or Eve for short) traditionally starts at sunset a day before Christmas Day. It’s usually the day to prepare food, watch some Christmas movies & have a few drinks to relax before the big day. If you love this day, here are a few festive facts about Christmas Eve. Scientists calculated that for […]

12 Foods of Christmas InfoGraphic

Christmas dinner is one of the most anticipated meals in the U.K., we all look forward to it and we’re more than happy to help ourselves to a second helping of turkey or potatoes – but are we aware of how much food we actually eat at Christmas? We always get so excited at this […]

The History of Christmas Crackers

We’ve all pulled a Christmas cracker with the family over a Christmas dinner before, but where did this tradition come from? And what’s with the rubbish jokes? Find out the facts on Christmas crackers here! So let’s start basic. A Christmas cracker often contains a paper hat, a really bad joke and a small gift, […]

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Tacky, ugly, horrendous, and cheesy. What do these words all describe? Christmas sweaters. 12th December is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day – a day to give back filled with fun, family and friends. Leave your uncomfortable suit and school uniform hanging in the closet and pull out that sweater from Grandma that’s been collecting dust. […]

The First Christmas Story

Each December, Primary schools all over the United Kingdom and Europe are performing in churches and halls. What are they performing? The traditional Nativity play. Many schools nowadays are making slight changes, occasionally bringing in new elements or changing the perspective of the story. But here at The Fact Site, you can read the original […]

The Top Ten Christmas Songs

Will these songs feature on your Christmas party mix-tape this year? They should, considering these are the top ten Christmas songs of all time! Let the countdown begin! 10. ‘Mistletoe and Wine‘ by Cliff Richard (1988) This song was originally part of the musical Scraps, based on the story of The Little Matchstick Girl. It […]

Why Do We Give Gifts at Christmas?

The tradition of giving presents at Christmas has roots that go back as far as the Nativity story, whereupon the Three Wise Men gave gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus. Historical Significance The Romans had their own tradition of giving gifts during Saturnalia, which was a festival that began on the 17th of […]

The A-Z of Global Christmas Traditions

Many countries have their own unique ways of celebrating at Christmas, check out the A to Z list of Christmas traditions across the world! A is for Australia. In Australia, families decorate their homes with ferns, palm leaves, evergreens and a flower known as the Christmas Bush. B is for Brazil. In Brazil, people view […]

20 Interesting Facts About Reindeer

It’s hard not to think about a reindeer without picturing Rudolph, no matter what time of the year it is. But there’s so much more to reindeer than the red-nosed one! If you’d like to know more about reindeer, check out these 25 interesting facts! The Latin name for reindeer is rangifer tarandus. In North […]

25 Funky Facts About Turkeys

If you are looking for facts about turkeys, look no further, here are some interesting turkey facts that will have you gobbling for more! A turkey is the relation of the grouse. In Latin, turkeys are known as Meleagris. The turkey is classed as poultry. The domesticated turkey is descended from the wild turkey. It […]