LOST may be over, but it’s not forgotten.

What started as a story about how survivors of a plane crash hope for rescue, evolves into the biggest mystery show the world has ever seen.

Even after all this time since the show ended, LOST fans are still figuring things out and re-watching to uncover something else they didn’t know.

Today we’ll look at 6 facts about LOST that will bring a tear to the eyes of any LOSTie.

So get a box of tissues, read and weep.

Claire never knew Charlie’s Greatest Hits.

Charlie's Greatest Hits

In Greatest Hits, the heroic Charlie Pace sacrifices himself, so that Claire & Aaron could be rescued.

He knows he’s going to die, and remembers the five greatest moments of his life.

The #1 thing on that list was ‘The night I met you‘.

Whilst on the outrigger, Charlie gives this note to Desmond and tells him “I want you to give this to Claire for me“.

Desmond has a change of heart and decides to do it himself, giving Charlie the note back.

However Charlie couldn’t let Desmond do this, so he hit Desmond with a paddle and put the note back into Desmond’s pocket.

In the number one most emotional moment of LOST involving a shoe, Charlie dives down to The Looking Glass, leaving Desmond unconscious on the outrigger.

When dearest Des awakens, he is met with Mikhail shooting at him from the shore, so Desmond, along with Charlie’s note dives overboard and swims to the underwater station.

So Charlie’s greatest hits, they would’ve got wet, torn apart or the ink would’ve washed off.

And we never see Desmond give this note to Claire.

It’s the 5 best moments of my sorry excuse for a life, my greatest hits. You know, memories – are all I’ve got.

Sadly, these memories died with him, and Claire never knew that the greatest moment in his life was the day they met.

Mr Eko’s Jesus stick was blown up.

Mr Eko's Jesus Stick - LOST

I know what you’re thinking… it was there when he got buried.

It was the marker for Eko’s grave – correct?

However when John Locke was pounding the stick into the ground he sees “Lift up your eyes and look north – John 3:05“.

He took this as a sign, a compass bearing & took the Jesus stick with him on his journey with Kate & Sayid to the Flame Station, where we met Mikhail for the first time.

After winning at Chess in Enter 77 Locke left The Flame, which blew up behind him, along with everything inside – But no, Eko’s Jesus stick did not go up in flames however; this was still in his Locke’s rucksack at this point.

So, they reach the Barracks, and Ben manipulates John into blowing up the submarine, which was Jack & Juliet’s ticket off this damn island.

The last time we saw Eko’s Jesus stick was in Locke’s bag, when he was climbing down the submarine hatch.

When he left the sub, he was greeted by men with guns, where he laid on the floor.

A moment later, boom, the sub was gone. Bloop.

Locke never bought Eko’s iconic Jesus stick back out with him.

Why was Ji Yeon at the Church?

Lost - The End Scene

The daughter of Sun & Jin, and the first baby to be born that was conceived on-island since the birth of Ethan back in 1977.

Ji Yeon Kwon never met her father, and spent only three years with her mother, before Sun went back to the island to find Jin.

Sun was pregnant with Ji Yeon at the Church in The End, and as we know the church was a place they made together, where they got to move on with the most important people in their lives.

Ji Yeon moved on with Sun & Jin – If the best time of Ji Yeon’s life was the time she spent with her family, considering she never met her dad, that would mean that her best moments in her life was when she was with her mother – who left when Ji Yeon was only 3 years old.

And honestly, if Ji Yeon had a long life, surely there would be more important people in her life than a father she never met, and a mother she doesn’t remember…

I’m not saying that they wasn’t important to her, they are her parents after all.

But the burning question is why she was at the Church?

But this brings me to my next point.

Charlie wasn’t at the church.

I know what you’re thinking – yes he was – he was sat next to Claire.

Well true but, I’m not talking about the bloody rock god! I’m talking about Desmond & Penny’s son, Charlie Hume.

The fact that he wasn’t at the Church, but Ji Yeon was, could mean one of two things.

Charlie could’ve had a rough relationship with his parents, maybe Desmond & Penny was too focused on each other and baby Charlie didn’t feel like his most important time was with them (Which I won’t believe, I’m sure they would be made great parents).

The other option is Charlie Hume grew to a man, and found the love of his life, which is who he would move on with.

We could argue that Charlie hadn’t even been conceived in September 2004, which would explain why he wasn’t at the Church – but “there is no now, here“.

Which is the reason why Aaron as there – he had already been born in the afterlife.

We can safely assume Desmond & Penny reunite after Hurley takes over Jacob’s role on the island, and they continue to raise Charlie for many years to come.

Charlie and his ring both had the same fate, the ocean.

Charlie Pace's DS Ring - LOST

Charlie wore his DS ring for the first 91 days of being on the island.

Before leaving for his mission to The Looking Glass, he left the ring in Aaron’s crib, who was the closest thing to a son he ever had.

However, Aaron never returned to his crib before leaving the island as one of the Oceanic 6.

Three years later, we see the beach camp once more; when Sun, Ben and a whole bunch of others were off to meet Jacob.

Sun found Aaron’s abandoned crib, where she also finds Charlie’s ring.

Sun takes it with her, but as far as we know, she never passed it onto Claire.

If Claire was given the ring, she would’ve used it for comfort – especially after being left behind by nearly everyone.

We would’ve seen her emotional attachment to this ring.

But no, we never see her wear it, look at it, or even mention it.

It’s safe to assume Sun never passed it on.

She kept it, probably with intention to give it to Claire, but the unfortunate incident on the Sub, left Sun, Jin, Sayid and Charlie’s ring at the bottom of the ocean.

We didn’t see the most emotional reunion…

Vincent - Lost

Before The New Man in Charge was released, I started to read a spoiler about it – I couldn’t help myself.

I stopped after reading the first part, as it was too much to handle.

After watching The New Man in Charge, I went back to the spoiler to read it in full.

It turns out that it was mostly accurate; the piece that wasn’t accurate was the only part I read before-hand.

The spoiler I read explained that episode starts on island – present time.

It’s a beautiful beach shot where you see the abandoned beach camp & the ocean water crashing against the shore.

You hear the sound of the ocean, the rustling of the trees, and… Vincent!

The camera switches to Walt running down the beach with his arms wide open, and Vincent running towards him like the day he left.

The music makes you want to cry with happiness as they roll around smiling and hugging in the sand.

Then the flashback happens, which started at the same point where The New Man in Charge actually began.

It made me feel so sad that we never saw this first scene – whether it was recorded or not, I don’t know.

But Walt does go back to the island, and chances are they did reunite.

Would Vincent even remember him? I’d like to believe so.

Finally, the facts I’ve said above are as factual as I can get based on my knowledge of the show – you may disagree with some of them as they are largely open for discussion.

But let’s discuss!

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