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30 Fun Facts About YouTube Star PewDiePie

Record-breaking, award-winning YouTube celebrity PewDiePie has caught the world by the short-hairs with the success of his YouTube channel & network of fellow video content producers. If you're a fan of the most influential person in the video gaming world, here are 30 interesting facts you should know!

12 Amazing (Accidental) Medical Discoveries Infographic

Medical breakthroughs are happening all the time, and amazing scientists are working to eliminate diseases forever. But did you know there have been many important medical discoveries that happened completely by accident?! Find out about them here.

30 Beautiful Facts About Butterflies

Whether they're in the pit of our stomachs, floating over lush pastures or as stickers on a colorful notebook, butterflies are beautiful creatures, they bring feelings of joy & happiness bringing us back to our childhood memories. Here are 30 facts about butterflies!

30 Facts About Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor is one of those super special artists who can do just about anything. A musical genius, this young lady composes, performs and plays multiple instruments. She's topped the charts and broken records along the way. If you're a fan, check out these top 30 fun facts!

35 Fun Facts About Mobile Phones Infographic

Did you know that there are more mobile phones in the world than there are PCs? Do you know what the fear of being without a phone is called? Do you know the name of the most expensive smartphone ever? You can find out all of this and more in this fun infographic!

30 Facts About Dylan Dauzat

A self-made YouTube internet star, Dylan Dauzat is considered one of the hottest young celebrities of the day. His rise to stardom came via his self-reliance and creativity, courage, and daring. Here are 30 fun facts about Dylan Dauzat to sink your teeth into.

30 Facts About Snakes That Will Rattle Your Mind

"I hate snakes." When Indiana Jones uttered those fateful words at the beginning of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', audiences cheered. We're totally with you, Indy. For all their slithering, sliminess, snakes are fascinating creatures. They'll be even more so when you check out these 30 snake facts that will rattle your mind!

30 Facts About The Green Lantern

The Green Lantern name refers to multiple DC super heroes that all gained their powers from an alien ring. As one of the oldest comic book series of all time, the Green Lantern has a rich and rather peculiar history, so here’s a list of 30 interesting facts on the Green Lantern.

50 Fun Facts About Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony is one of those rare musical acts that came together like a fairy tale. The girlband started on The X-Factor USA in 2012, and have continued to rise to the top of the charts ever since. Here are 50 fun facts about Fifth Harmony.

The Weirdest Driving Laws in the US Infographic

While some roads in America run through multiple states, each state has its own unique driving laws. Some of these traffic laws make perfect sense and are there to protect the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Others, however, are just outright strange. Check out the craziest driving laws in all 50 states.

21 Fun Facts About Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots has surprised just about everyone in the music industry for not only taking a nice chunk of the alternative niche but creating a sub niche of their own. Want to know more? Well here's 21 fun facts about Twenty One Pilots!

30 Wacky Facts About Greece

You won’t find these facts in any guidebook or on your favorite travel app. So, before you catch that plane to the Greece, check out this list of wacky facts about this great country, and come prepared to win at pub night trivia!